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My Feb Reading List

I used to hate reading. My summer reading lists for school ended up with a trip to the book store to buy Cliffs Notes. Not only did I not enjoy reading….I wasn’t a big fan of school either. My sister was always the “smart” one (seriously- she’s a genius), and I’ve always been the “athletic” … Read more

21 Strategies To Boost Client Retention & Increase Profits

Check this out. According to a study out of Harvard Business School….. “Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%” I don’t know about you, but 25-95% increase in profits sound pretty awesome. And here’s the cool part…. Keeping client retention high (over 90%) is something ANYONE can do…as long as … Read more

Swipe My Client Survey Questions & System!

If you’re not regularly surveying your clients, you’re playing the guessing game. Sure, they’re your “best guesses” and they are educated ones…but unless you actually ASK, you’ll always have the second best answer. I also know that because you’re reading this post right now, you’re not interested in second best. Client surveys give invaluable feedback on how … Read more

Shatter The Watermelon Box…

Did you know that if you put a watermelon in a plastic container, it’ll grow to the EXACT shape of the container?   It’s true. It made me think about 2016 and the goals I’ve set for myself and for my business. For me, goal setting is an ongoing process and not something that happens once a year.  … Read more

Phone Call Follow-Up Sequence For Transformation Challenges…

Any time you run a transformation challenge, there are a LOT of things you need to consider: marketing and getting people in to your challenge creating the material, guidelines, recipes, etc. delivering an INCREDIBLE experience and getting results signing up prospects for ongoing membership now that they’ve experienced your program Once you’ve got people signed … Read more