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28-Day Transformation Challenge Launches TODAY! (Done-for-You)

I’m very excited to announce that my 2016 Done-forYou, 28-Day Transformation is launching today!   I’ve pulled the best recipes, tools, and other resources from my MOST successful challenges, and have created a PROVEN, plug-and-play system that will not only save you a ton of time, energy, and money, but will get your clients INSANE results and help you … Read more

Steal My Transformation Challenge Checklist

Our #1 source of new leads (by far) in my fitness business is Transformation Challenges. We send emails and run ads on Facebook, bring people into our program for the FEO, and then convert our challengers into memberships. Our challenges are complete with everything from a success guide, to printable meal plans and grocery lists, to … Read more

Productivity Gold: Weekly Time Blocking

Want to completely DOMINATE and get incredible results? Me too.  I’m going to share something with you that’ll 10x your productivity….no joke. I know it will- because it completely transformed mine. I used to HATE being bound to a schedule. Seeing my entire week planned on paper literally made me anxious. I’d try planning my schedule … Read more

2016 Edition: 52 Weeks of Done-for-You Facebook Content Launches TODAY!

It’s FINALLY HERE!!! I’m VERY excited to finally be able to share my 2016 Edition (100% new content) of Done-for-You Facebook Content for fitness professionals! I used this EXACT strategy to help keep our client retention rates at over 90%.  In fact, our average client stayed with us for close to 3 years! Instead of just sharing … Read more

Resource Roundup!

First, I’m very excited because on Monday, I’ll be releasing my 2016 edition of my Done-for-You Facebook Content.   This is definitely my favorite edition so far. You’ll get an ENTIRE year’s worth of weekly challenges, recipes, workouts, tips, and client conversation-starters designed to help you boost retention, over-deliver, and save you massive amounts of … Read more

Part ONE: Creating your 2016 Fitness Business Calendar

2016 is going to be an INCREDIBLE year… but ONLY if you choose to make it that way.  I’ve had years where I seem to always be playing “catch-up” and reacting to whatever happens each day.  Endless to-do lists, pushing back deadlines, and over-committing is good for NO ONE except for Gaia when I’m over-dosing on rhodiola. But I’ve … Read more