The Epic Power Of TIMING

When it comes to putting the right message in front of your audience, it’s not always HOW you say it, but WHEN you say it. Picture this… You’re at a party and a complete stranger approaches you, drops down on one knee, and asks you to marry them before you even exchange names. Sounds ridiculous, … Read more

The Index Card Trick

This month I’ve been sharing some of my best success, growth, and scaling tips, and I hope you’ve implemented a few already (but not too many – don’t overwhelm yourself!). You can begin catching up on some of them here in case you missed anything. Today I’m back with one more, except this one I … Read more

This Is What’s In Your Top 20%….

Your business is different than everyone else’s. It’s important to remember that. You bring your own unique spin to HOW you do things and exactly WHAT you do. You’ve also got your own set of strengths and challenges. But the coaches who meet (and crush) their business goals all have one thing in common … … Read more