Weird Challenge, Are You In?

I’ve tested this myself and now I’m sharing it with you… Over the last few months, I’ve learned that FUN has a huge ROI… In fact, the more fun I have in my life and business, the better everything gets. For instance? I’ve built out a new addition to the business that could easily double … Read more

Dropped The Ball On Your Email List? 😅

It happens to the best of us. We swear we’re going to start emailing our list more often, and then… life happens. Clients need our attention, other content takes priority, Netflix drops a new season of that show you like… And suddenly it’s been weeks (maybe even months!) since you’ve sent your list a newsletter. … Read more

Scared Of Reels? Use These 3 Tips :)

The Facebook and Instagram “powers that be” have spoken, and they love reels. Both platforms have made it crystal clear that they’re giving reels more reach and visibility than any other type of post… But who has time for all of that, right? If you’re still looking at reels wondering where to even start, here … Read more