Why Your Low-Paying Clients Aren’t Upgrading

This month I’ve been talking about how to improve your lead follow-up to land more paying clients… But what happens when people keep taking your low-ticket offers and not your high-ticket offers? It’s simple: STOP positioning your low-ticket offers as “everything they need” to achieve their goal. Instead, position your low-ticket offers as a quick … Read more

Why Your Engagement Is Low

Think about the last time you bought something from an ad, an email, or a social media post… It felt like it was speaking directly to YOU, right? That’s because effective content is created with ONE person in mind. The fact is, when you try to speak to everyone, you end up connecting with no … Read more

Keep Your Audience Ready To Buy

For the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about how to improve your signature offer. How to name it, how often to promote it, and even how to position it so it’s a total no-brainer for your ideal client. But there’s another huge factor influencing the success of your signature offer that you might not … Read more

You’re Not Selling Enough…

Every month inside of Content Club, we do live coaching… And more often than not, we’ll get a few questions about why we think someone’s offer isn’t converting. After asking them a series of questions, we find that the offer isn’t the problem at all… It’s that they’re not selling enough! I know as coaches … Read more