Focusing on this can hurt your business

If you knew it would take you ten years to become your version of “successful”… Would you still do it? Thanks to the internet, business moves faster than ever — which is great! But with that incredible speed comes an expectation of instant gratification, which can look like… “I NEED a $100k launch in the … Read more

The dreaded “hedonic treadmill”

Can you believe we’re nearly halfway through another year? Even though the sun is shining and (hopefully) you’re getting a little vacation time here and there, now is around the time most business owners start getting a little anxious… Six months have passed since setting your new year goals – and before you know it … Read more

How do you hold clients accountable?

Do you have a built-in accountability system for your clients? As you know… Accountability is make-or-break in helping your clients create the changes needed to reach their goals. In other words, for your program to create an impact and change lives: → Your clients have to actually follow your plan. And being held accountable makes … Read more

What’s working for me right now…

Since we’re on a habit kick, I wanted to share some of my PERSONAL habits that I’ve built over the years. Remember last week when I said: “EVERY result comes down to the habits you’re committed to keeping on a daily basis – the good and the bad.”? It couldn’t be more true. I’ve felt … Read more