What’s working for me right now…

Since we’re on a habit kick, I wanted to share some of my PERSONAL habits that I’ve built over the years. Remember last week when I said: “EVERY result comes down to the habits you’re committed to keeping on a daily basis – the good and the bad.”? It couldn’t be more true. I’ve felt … Read more

My personal success habits (part 2)

Last week, I pulled back the curtain on a few of the habits that I believe are responsible for the majority of my growth and success. There were five “planning/thinking/reflecting” success habits. If you missed it, you can read it over here. But thinking and planning in itself won’t make your vision come to life. … Read more

My personal success habits…

As health and fitness pros, we know building healthy habits is the real “secret sauce” behind the amazing results our clients want. So, it would be logical that it works the same way in our businesses, right? After more than a decade of successfully running my own fitness and coaching businesses… I can tell you … Read more