Upselling As A “Win-Win” Strategy

It’s the 5 magic words every business owner loves to hear… “What are the next steps?” What a great feeling, right? You’ve provided so much value that your client is ready to take out their wallet and sign up for more. Easy sell! But what happens when they don’t ask? Does that mean you shouldn’t … Read more

Seeking Feedback VS. Validation

You know that feeling when you’ve poured your heart into a program, only to get feedback that isn’t exactly… glowing? Yep, I’ve been there too. I remember when I first launched my coaching program, Fit Pro Accelerator. It was an 8-week “high-ticket” program. Well, I worked SO hard to over-deliver. It had WAY too much … Read more

The Sneaky Pressure Of Being “Authentic”

Surely you’ve heard how important it is to be “authentic” on social media. I’ve talked about it in my past posts… We talk about it in some of our Content Club trainings… But have you ever wondered what that means, and how much of your personal life you should be sharing on your professional social … Read more

How Much Is TOO Much Free Content?

Have you ever written the *perfect* social media post or email and thought, “Should I be giving all this amazing info away for free?” And the answer is… maybe. First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. Offering value without a price tag isn’t just a “strategy” — it’s how you grow a business … Read more

The True Meaning Of “Brand” (and how to get it right)

In the business world, “brand” can mean different things to different people. Mostly, people think of their “brand” as their colors and logo… But the reality is, your brand is so much more. Your brand is: The voice you use in your content The stories you tell What you stand for What you DON’T stand … Read more

Our Take On Social Media Might Surprise You…

One of the most common questions we get from our community is: Which social networks should I be using? And our answer is (drumroll please 🥁)… You should start by using the network you feel most comfortable with AS LONG AS your ideal clients are on there. And don’t worry about learning another platform until … Read more

Getting Ahead Of The Holiday Noise ‍‍

Ah, September… Feels like the calm before the storm, right? In about 30 days from now: Holiday deals will start inundating everyone’s newsfeed and inbox Ad costs will get higher And potential clients will start turning their attention to holiday plans, vacations, and spending their money on gifts That means NOW is the best time … Read more