My New 2021 Team Communication Flow

Get your pen and paper out…

Because I’m going to breakdown something that was a game-changer for my biz.

Since we’re diving into systems, I wanted to pull back the curtains on one of the most time-saving systems I personally implemented last year.

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Ok- so back to the ONE system I want to talk about today…

See if this sounds familiar:

  • You get an email from a client…
  • then get a DM from another one.
  • One of your coaches sends you a text message…
  • then a prospect tags you in your Facebook group.
  • Your admin asks you a question in an email …
  • but you don’t get back to them right away, so they text you because it’s important.
  • Then, someone else on your team messages you because they can’t find something that you already sent them 3 weeks ago.

And this is just in the first few mins of your day! It’s non-stop.

If you don’t have a SYSTEM for how you communicate with your team, clients, and community … you’ll be on the fast train to crazy town.

So… I created our company COMMUNICATION GRID.

And it has saved my team and me HOURS each week from switching between platforms, searching for messages, and checking in for status updates!

It has been a game-changer.

So here’s our current “Communication Tech Stack” and how we use it:

  • Email: External communication with our clients and community⁠ ONLY. (We actually use HelpScout to manage our entire business inbox. We store scripts and templates, can assign emails to team members, can tag, search, pull response and productivity reports, and tons more. It’s epic.)
  • Asana: 85%+ of our communication for projects and internal work⁠. This is what SAVES me from my inner control-freak who wants to micromanage everything. I can see where my entire team is at any time (without harassing them) with any project, share resources, tag people in, and keep everything all in one nice and tidy place. Trello and other apps offer similar services, but Asana is my personal fave.)
  • Slack: INTERNAL communication with my team. Almost all team communication happens (outside of our meetings) on slack. We set up channels for different projects we’re working on, teams we have, and programs we offer. We use it for one-off convos, important updates and announcements, and emergency communication⁠. We’ve now got our entire team using Slack, and it is working BEAUTIFULLY.
  • Zoom: Team, Client, and Community meetings for both one-on-one and groups.
  • DM’s: External communication with community ONLY (not clients- we use priority email and Facebook Groups for them). Transparency alert: I’m still not 100% on this one, as I still occasionally message clients on FB.

Now – this is just our tech stack.

And, of course, there’s more that goes into it than that… but this shift to a defined framework has saved us SO much wasted time and unneeded stress.

Putting systems like this in place will allow you to grow and scale a lot faster and with a LOT less headache …

and I recommend you get something like this in place in YOUR business.

Was this helpful?!

Leave a comment below and let me know … and I’ll create more content like this for you!

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