17 Ways to Boost Revenue

Are you ready for a list of 17 proven revenue builders for your business?!

Grab a pen to take some notes, because today’s post is going to light your brain on fire with ideas!


  1. Scans & Assessments – Offer fitness, food log, or body composition assessments beyond your normal client base. This can give you face time with motivated people who are curious about how their fitness/nutrition level stacks up, but haven’t hired a coach or trainer (yet).
  2. Accountability & Support Groups – Set up a weekly support group for people working on similar goals like fat loss. Charging a fee will help members feel more accountable. Note: These can be done in-person or online, via an app like Zoom or Skype.
  3. Next-Level Coaching – Offer a “premium” level of coaching beyond your normal offer, with additional benefits like daily text check-ins, food log review, and/or weekly sit-down meetings, etc.
  4. Recipe Service – Set up a monthly program for your clients who want healthy recipes, grocery lists, etc. This can be a wonderful source of recurring revenue!
  5. Grocery Tours – Offer a monthly/quarterly grocery store tour to teach people the ins and outs of shopping for healthy foods. Be sure to check with your store first to get their OK!
  6. Pantry Cleanouts – This can be a standalone or upsell. Basically, you visit a client’s home and go through their cabinets/refrigerators to show them how they can upgrade their food choices.
  7. Hybrid Coaching – For busy clients who can’t make it to the studio, or people who can’t afford 3-4 times a week sessions but who want more … offer coaching that includes both in-person workouts and prewritten workouts they can do on their own.
  8. Workout “Parties” – Offer to host parties for people (and businesses!) who want a special “just-for-them” fitness event to celebrate a birthday or other occasion. These can be surprisingly fun: it can be a dance fitness class, kickboxing, obstacle/boot camp, etc.
  9. Specialty Training / Coaching Groups – Set up a training program for people who want to participate in an upcoming local 5K or obstacle course event.
  10. Supplements – Offer protein powder, probiotics, or other supplements you support.
  11. Apparel & Swag– Sell branded t-shirts, hoodies, and other swag (like gym bags, mugs, and water bottles).
  12. Equipment – Depending on your business, you could sell yoga mats, towels, resistance bands or other equipment that clients might want for their own home.
  13. Challenges/Transformation Programs – Offer a limited-time transformation program with recipes, inspiration, accountability, etc. Common ideas: Little Black Dress Project, 21 Day Jump Start, or like my upcoming 30-Day Plant-Based Transformation Program!
  14. Workshops – Create seminars to offer clients and prospects. Cover topics like fat loss, healthy cooking, foam rolling, goal setting, etc.
  15. Holistic Coaching – Offer coaching in another specialty that you (or a team member) have: meditation, stress relief, nutrition, health coaching, etc.
  16. Create “Bundles” or Upsells – If someone signs up for entry-level training, create additional options or special bundles including supplements, nutrition coaching, recipe service, etc.
  17. Referrals – Create a rewards program for clients who make successful referrals. Offer them bonus sessions, branded apparel, a gift certificate to a local restaurant, or whatever makes sense for you and your clientele. (Note: don’t break the bank on this!)

Pretty great list, right? Obviously, not every item will apply to every business, and you definitely want to stay inside your scope of practice.

TIP: Sometime today, take 5 minutes and open a Google Doc and do some brainstorming and use this list as a jumping-off point.

Think about how you can take at least ONE of the ideas and make them your own to serve your market better, and cement your standing as the go-to expert in your niche!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Make it a productive day,


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