These Systems Mistakes Might Be Costing You $$$

Alright, you know I believe that …


But for that to actually happen, you have to create them the RIGHT way.

Even the best processes will fail if they don’t have some key things in place.

And these mistakes can cost you HUGE $$$ in the long run.

I don’t want that to happen to you!

When you get “systems” right …

  • You can focus on what actually drives your business forward.
  • Important things (including revenue!) stop falling through the cracks.
  • You don’t lose time or energy reinventing the wheel every time you do something in your business.
  • You can delegate effectively (woohoo!)
  • You can take TIME OFF from your business … and RELAX knowing that everything is going smoothly.

Yes, yes, and YES!!!

So let’s take a look at where most people fall short on their systems, and see if there’s anything you need to clean up in YOURS …

Top Systems Mistakes That Are Probably Costing You $$

1. Not Having a Clear Objective for Your System.

So many people just build a system to get it “done,” but are missing the bigger picture.

Before you build anything- you need to think about the main INTENTION of the system.

What is the goal? What do you want to accomplish?

What EXPERIENCE do you want your clients / team / community to have?

ALWAYS, ALWAYS start with the end in mind.

Then figure out what it’s going to take to make that happen.

2. Forgetting to “TRANSITION OUT” Pieces of Your System.

Is there something that can be “transitioned out” so that it doesn’t even have to be done in the first place?

Let’s say you find that a lot of your new clients have the same questions when they start.

Sure you have scripts for yourself or team (systems!) to answer them, BUT …

Instead of sitting down 1-1, answering over email, or chatting with them on the phone, think about how you can “transition out” this task altogether.

How about filming a “Getting Started” or “Client Success” video answering their most common questions. You can add this to your onboarding process and also post it as a resource in your members portal or client-only Facebook group (if you have one).

If you take a hard look, you’ll probably find things left and right that you can “transition out” of your processes.

3. Failing to Streamline Your System.

Once you build your system, take a look at EVERY SINGLE detail. What can you do to make it EASIER to implement?

  • What can you eliminate?
  • What can you automate?
  • What can you delegate?

Get rid of the busywork.

For instance, if you have to enter the same info on 3 different spreadsheets for your client management system … well, that’s probably 2 times too many!

How can you make it easier?

4. No “Checks & Balances” … For Your TEAM (or Yourself!)

This may just be the most painful “mistake” that business owners make with systems.

Do ANY of your systems include delegating a task to a team member? If they do, pay CLOSE attention.

How do you check to make sure that EVERYTHING you outline in your systems is actually getting done?

—> Answer: You need checks and balances BUILT-IN.

Let’s say you have someone on your team following up with leads. They’re supposed to follow up with the leads at least 7 times, before moving them into your “passive nurture sequence.”

(Of course, you have scripts and templates for each of those 7 follow-ups, like a good little entrepreneur!)

But one day, you check the follow-up spreadsheet, and you find out that hardly any of your leads were followed up with 2-3 times, let alone 7!!

What!? How did this happen!?

Well, that’s simple. It’s because you didn’t have a checks-and-balances process implemented 🙂

Make sure you’ve got your process dialed in to make sure everyone is doing EXACTLY what they are supposed to be doing … when they are supposed to be doing it.

Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Quarterly.

Whatever the system requires.

5. Not TRACKING the Results of Your Systems.

Remember your main goal for your system that you created? Well, is your system delivering that result?

Could it be more efficient? Can you make it even better?

Track your results weekly, monthly, quarterly … whatever makes sense for that particular system.

Here’s an example: Your Email List Building System.

Are you getting as many email opt-ins as you want? What can you do to make it even better? (change your lead magnet, adjust your funnel, or join The Content & Social Media Club 🙂 )

What you measure, you can improve!

6. No Regular System “Tune-Ups.”

The days of set-it-and-forget-it are GONE!

It doesn’t take long for systems to start falling apart and eventually even break (especially if they involve tech or social media).

Plus, we live in an ever-changing world. What works today might be obsolete next year.

It’s absolutely CRITICAL that you check in on your systems for a tune-up on a regular basis.

Note: “tuning-up” goes beyond tracking results. It involves actually updating the framework of your system – and it’s super important.

Some systems might just take a couple of minutes a month, while others might take a little more TLC.

So that’s it – my top list of most common mistakes people make with their systems.

Did this list help? Did it give you ideas?

On a side note, my ENTIRE coaching program is devoted to helping you set up systems in your business.

If you need help building these systems (and the strategy that goes along with it, of course!) … that’s my zone of genius.

I’ll personally help you map out a plan and build the systems YOU need to generate MORE profit and have more time off.

Right now, the program is only for brick & mortar fitness businesses. so if that’s you and this sounds like something you need, set up a call right on my schedule over here: FitProAccelerator.com

Make it an amazing day,

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