The Secret “Surprise And Enthusiasm” Strategy ….

I’ve got a secret strategy today that will help you win clients and keep them for life!

But first, in case you missed any of my recent client retention posts:

Ok, let’s jump in!

Remember: You are in the RELATIONSHIP business … not the fitness, nutrition, or health business.

We help people change their lives, and to do that, we need to have a genuine relationship with our clients and community.

And when it comes to our clients, it’s important to remember the details.

Sure, that’s easy to do with a handful of clients …. but it’s definitely not easy at SCALE.

You need a SYSTEM.

#1: A system that keeps track of important details about your clients…

like their partner’s or kids’ names, their pets, hobbies, birthday, interests, and important dates coming up, etc. You should have a list of everything you want to track.

You can keep track of these details right in your CRM. I personally love OnboardMe because you can update everything right in their profile.

#2: A system that tells you exactly what to do with this information …

Your system needs to have automations built-in to:

  • let you know when to send birthday cards
  • automatically send motivational text messages
  • remind you it’s time to send out a “random” gratitude card/gift
  • trigger an alert to congratulate a client on a special event (like their daughter getting married!)
  • and the list goes on…

#3: A system that has checks-and-balances built-in …

to make sure that you/your team follows through with everything you wanted to do!

Now obviously I kept this short and sweet because you already know HOW important it is to over-deliver to your clients and make your clients feel like family.

But you’d be surprised at how many people don’t actually do this!

And if you’re one of them… start with those first three above.

Now if you ARE already nailing the basics … let’s talk about how to level up your game!

—> Remember I said I had a secret strategy for you today?

Here it is… and this is something I highly recommend adding into your weekly routine!

It’s something called “SURPRISE & ENTHUSIASM” … and it’s something I learned from Brendon Burchard many years ago.

It’s where each week, you spend a few minutes doing something SURPRISING for one person in your life.

You could do this for a friend, family member, team member, client, etc. 🙂

It could be sending a fun and unexpected gift, doing something out-of-the-normal for someone in your life, or even playing a small (FUN!) prank!

(And I’ll be sharing some fun examples over in my FBFF Group.)

Your creativity (and budget) is your only limitation.

You’ll not only make that person feel like gold …

But this also gives YOU a chance to break out of your daily schedule … (plus giving always makes us feel great) … so it’s a win-win-win across the board.

Imagine if you did something like this once a week … or heck, even once a month for a client?

I can promise you that it will go a really, really long way!

Give it a shot next week and see what happens.

Make it an amazing day,

Alicia 🙂

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