7 Transformation Challenge Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

You’re going to want to bookmark this post- because I’m about to lay out the TOP 7 mistakes most biz owners make when running transformation programs …

And you want to make sure you do NOT make these in the future!

OK- let’s dive…

Let’s talk about some MISTAKES you should avoid at ALL COSTS with your transformation programs.

Challenges and transformation programs are INCREDIBLE – in fact, a LOT of coaches have built giant businesses using them as their backbone.

But if you make these mistakes … they won’t be NEARLY as profitable or “results-getting” as they could be.

Top 7 Transformation Challenge Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

1. Over- or Under-Pricing Your Program. There’s a sweet spot for front-end-offers that work really well. You want to make sure you’re not devaluing your program, but are STILL attracting and bringing in your ideal clients who can afford to continue on.

You also don’t want to over-charge for the program so you scare people away. I actually did a quick post on this here <<

2. NOT Marketing EARLY Enough. Give yourself at least 2½ to 3 weeks before your program begins to market and fill up your challenge.

This will give you time to adjust your marketing if you need to, in order to hit your goals (bonus mistake: not setting goals for your challenge).

3. NOT Tracking or Following-Up with Your Leads. You should have a system in place to track every lead. And follow up with them as quickly as possible … and KEEP following up.

Make sure you’re using various forms of communications, too… like text message, phone call, messenger, email, etc.

4. Not Having Your Conversion Plan In Place EARLY. Before you begin your program, you should ALREADY have your plan mapped out on how you are going to convert your new participants into long-term members.

Too many business owners I know get caught up in the day-to-day … and before they know it, their challenge is over and they realize they missed a huge opportunity to convert their trials into members!

5. Not Having a Plan to OVER-DELIVER. You want your participants to have a “wow” experience … and this takes a little planning.

Will you send them a handwritten card? A welcome box with fun swag that fits your budget and price point? A personalized welcome video? Take some time to plan – and create – this in advance.

6. Not Showing CURRENT Members Enough Love. During big challenges, your current clients can feel left out or ignored because so much of your energy and attention is going towards your newbies.

Make it a point to check in with your regular members, give them shout-outs on social, or surprise them with a handwritten card or fun, budget-friendly swag.

7. Not Holding Participants ACCOUNTABLE! You absolutely MUST have your plan in place to hold your challengers accountable! Otherwise, they won’t get the results they signed up for.

Some ideas: Check in with them regularly to see how they are doing – post weekly in your private FB group – send daily emails to encourage and inspire them – and find fun ways to hold them accountable for their check-ins.

One way to boost the fun + accountability factor: offer prizes for checking in/posting daily. Or do something like a BINGO board! This really revs up the excitement!

So there you have it!

If you’re going to run a transformation program or challenge … you want to make sure you’re paying attention to these common mistakes …. so YOU don’t make them!

And if you’ve invested in any of my DFY Transformation Programs (like the 30-Day Plant-Based Program, Little Black Dress Project, 28-day, 6-Week Challenges, etc.), I’ve got you covered with content, tips, and strategies to help you with pretty much all of these things!

Hope this helps!

Make it an amazing day,


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