Boost Results With New Client “Mini-Goals”

Ready for a ninja tip to skyrocket the motivation (and results) of your newest clients?

Before I get to the tip, let’s talk about why this matters – a LOT.

When your clients first sign up they are excited and ready to take action.

A quick win in their first 30 days means EVERYTHING.

It will help them generate momentum, fine-tune their focus, and build their confidence.

This strategy is also super important if you’re just finishing up a transformation challenge … because you want to keep their momentum going and give your clients something new and meaningful to focus on.

And when they have something tangible to work towards – and they ROCK that “thing” they’re trying to achieve – they’ll be even more committed to themselves and the program.

So how do you do that?


The exact mini-goal you choose will depend on your clientele and niche, but I highly recommend making sure your mini-goal is:

  1. Habit-based, because that’ll give your clients real control over the outcome,
  2. Related to their ultimate goals (moving them closer to their ultimate goal), and
  3. Achievable by anyone who signs up, with a moderate amount of effort.

PLUS … you can add even more “juice” to their motivation by offering a special incentive for achieving their mini-goal.

It can be as simple as earning a spot in your “UNSTOPPABLE CLUB” or other special groups you create. You can create a photo wall in your studio of your achievers or give them a shoutout on social media.

Or, depending on your budget, they could earn a branded T-shirt, water bottle, journal, silicone bracelet, or hoodie. You get the idea!

Here are some sample mini-goals:

  • Attend 10 classes their first month
  • Turn in completed food journals/food pics every Friday during their first month
  • Follow their programs and perform all check-ins (for online clients)

The point isn’t to overwhelm them – but to help them feel SUCCESSFUL, begin creating new habits, and build their confidence to follow their new plan.

Do you already have a mini-goal structured into your New Client Onboarding System?

If not, I highly recommend adding one in there.

YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it …

Come up with an easy-to-implement mini goal to add to your Onboarding System – and then put it into action!

Make it an amazing day,

Alicia 🙂

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