Creating Your Client Accountability System (Part 2)

This email is packed with info to help you boost your accountability game with your clients.

This is actually Part 2. (Part 1 is over here)

Allow me to put my coaching hat on for a second to deliver some news that might blow your mind …

You’re not actually coaching your clients if you don’t hold them accountable.

Even if you write the best programs and courses in the world, if you don’t hold your clients accountable to following them, you’re not going to help them get the life-changing results they hired you for.

I know that this past year was rough for a lot of your clients – and many of them lost steam toward their fitness & wellness goals.

It’s time to bring accountability back, because if you don’t, you’re robbing your clients AND your business of big payoffs.

The key to making it manageable is to actually MANAGE it – by building it straight into the framework of the amazing programs and courses you put together.

PRO TIP: Accountability is NOT meeting with clients to talk about their struggles over the past week.

Accountability IS tracking their actions and progress, and then finding out what’s:

1) keeping them on-track or
2) getting in their way.

Tracking is KEY. And when you check-in with them (via in-person or virtual meetings, texts, messages, or however you manage the process) you’ll be able to help them find solutions if they’re struggling.

Here’s how to build accountability into your programming:

#1: Identify the key actions your clients need to take to succeed in your program.

Is it workouts? Meal tracking or water intake? Sleep? Or other custom healthy habits?

#2: Create a system so they can track their actions – the easier it is for them to follow, the better.

This can be via a Google spreadsheet, photos of their meals, a food log app, or by using a habit-based coaching app. Whatever works for you and for them! Just make sure the method you choose is SCALABLE.

NOTE: Be careful not to overwhelm your clients with too many variables. Pick the most important, and track those.

#3 Follow through by checking in on their progress and giving them feedback on what they are doing – ON A CONSISTENT BASIS.

This way they’ll know you are paying attention, and that you actually care about their results. This will boost their compliance, motivation, and excitement about their efforts.


Plus … it’ll help you track how your programs are performing and identify possible stumbling blocks or things to tweak for the future.

It really is that simple! The key is to BUILD IT INTO YOUR PROGRAMS, and then follow through by consistently reviewing their progress and performing regular check-ins.

ACTION: Reflect on your client accountability system. Is there anything you can do to make it stronger or more streamlined to make the process easier and help your clients get even better results?

Identify what needs to change, and then put your plan in place and implement it!

The specific tools and strategies for client accountability look a little different for each business.

That’s where business coaching would come in-so if you need help on determining the best structure for you and YOUR business, check out the PS below.

Make it an AMAZING day!

Alicia 🙂

P.S. Ready to build solid and SCALABLE systems (like accountability systems!) that’ll help you grow and scale WHILE getting out of the day-to-day? That’s what my coaching program is all about. Click HERE to learn more & schedule a call to see if it’s a good fit <<

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