Mapping Out Your 90-Day New Client Journey

We’ve been on a little “Client Retention” kick this month …

And of course, we’ve got to talk about New Client Onboarding!

I’ve covered this in-depth in the past (you can check out my series that starts here) …

but today, let’s cover some of the most important elements.

To start – I believe it’s super important to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client – and pretend that YOU just signed up for your program.

If YOU were that person:

  • how would you be feeling?
  • what kinds of questions would you have?
  • what do you need to learn to achieve your goals?
  • what specific actions would you need to take to get results?
  • what kind of support/accountability would you need to be successful?
  • what would BLOW you away and reinforce that you made the right decision?
  • what would keep you motivated and on-track?
  • what would keep you coming back, day-after-day, more excited than the next?

These are just a few questions to get you started.

I also recommend SURVEYING your current clients to get even more clear on these answers.

From there, you’ll map out your 90-Day New Client Journey, and put it into action!

A few ideas to get you started:

  1. Send a “welcome package” that gives your clients the right balance of information and so they feel welcomed and informed but not overwhelmed. Make sure to put some fun stuff in there, too! (tee-shirt, silicone wrist band, etc.)
  2. Give them a new client mini-goal! (see the link at the top of this email)
  3. Drip a series of 5-12 emails or videos over time to give them tips and strategies about being successful, as well as motivated to keep coming back.
  4. Hold them accountable using your system to know exactly when and how you’re going to check-in to help keep them on track. (see link at the top!)
  5. Keep them motivated by setting up a timeline for texting/messaging them at specific points in their journey.
  6. Make them feel special by creating elements of “surprise and enthusiasm!” (more on this later this week!)

Make sure to check out the entire series to fully dial in your new client journey, but this should get you started!

And once you’ve built out your flow, you’ll track the whole process so that you can be consistent.

Having a system in place (and automating as much as possible!) will not only support your clients, help them get better results, and improve client retention….

but it will also free up mental bandwidth, lower your stress levels, and help you to deliver an extraordinary (and consistent!) experience.

PLUS, it’ll significantly boost profits because your clients will get better results and stay longer!

These are the kinds of things that truly set your business apart – and give you great peace of mind.

Hope you found this helpful! 

Lead today with intention,

Alicia 🙂

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