Creating Your Client Accountability System (Part 1)

“How do you hold your clients accountable?” …

is something a LOT of people ask about over in my FBFF Facebook Group. (In fact, someone did just this week!)

As we all know ….

holding our clients ACCOUNTABLE to their goals is critical to their success … and also to our retention rates!

You probably already know that:

  • One of the top reasons people hire a coach is because they want someone to hold them accountable to their goals.
  • Accountability is make-or-break in helping your clients create the changes necessary to reach their goals.
  • For your program to make an impact and change lives, your clients have to actually follow it. Being held accountable makes this a LOT more likely.

Do you have a built-in Accountability System for your clients?

I mean: a deliberate SYSTEM that you use with each client.

A process that’s consistent, tangible, and goes way beyond a weekly “how’s it going?” text message or canned check-in email.

If you don’t, it’s time to build one.

And if you do, it’s time to revisit your process to make sure it’s getting you (and your clients) the results you’re after!

I’m going to go a little deeper in a few days with some tactical ideas…. but for RIGHT now it’s important for you to answer these questions:

1. WHY do your clients need accountability? (your SPECIFIC clients?)

Reflect on this and write out a few sentences on how important accountability REALLY is to their success. Here are a few questions to get you started…

Is it make or break? Is it something they can get by without? How much more likely would your clients be to reach their goals if you had an iron-tight accountability system in place? How much value would this add to your client’s lives and to your business?

2. HOW do you want to hold your clients accountable?

With your ideal clients in mind – what method would be the most effective?

Do your clients need personal 1-1 check-ins, or will you set up a group accountability system? (This will depend on several things, including your niche, clients, time, and price point.)

Are these check-ins going to happen on a phone/zoom call? Via text or app? In a Facebook Group? etc.

If your clients aren’t getting the results you want them to get, this could be a BIG gap for you. Reflecting on this could begin to shift the way you run your program.

3. WHO needs to be checking in with your clients?

Is it you? Are you using an app or software service and automating the process? Is it a member of your team?

Spelling this out will help keep you organized – and help you delegate all or part of the process to a team member.

4. WHAT exactly do you want to happen during the check-in?

These are the details, the nitty-gritty. What’s your PROCESS for establishing their goals and tracking their progress?

What specific questions are you asking them? What happens if they are stuck?

Do you and your client set rewards (and consequences) for their progress? How is this measured?

5. WHEN (and how often) do you need to check-in with your clients?

Every Day? Once a week? Twice a month? Monthly?

Do you need to check in with them more often in the beginning?

6. WHERE are you keeping your client progress records?

Are you leveraging software? Are you tracking in a Google spreadsheet? Somewhere else?

I know this can sound like a lot to spell out but trust me….

It’s 1,000% worth the time to set up!

Having your client accountability system dialed in will help you:

  2. Help your clients get INCREDIBLE, LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS

It’s easy to remember all of your clients’ goals and keep everything under control when you’re working with a handful of people…

But multiply that by 2x, 5x, 10x … and you can see how challenging it would become over time.

No one has that kind of bandwidth!

I’ve got more on this topic coming for you in a few days, but here’s an assignment:

ACTION: Take a quick inventory of your current Client Accountability System.

Is it working for you? What’s going well? What could use a little work?

Lots more good stuff coming your way that you don’t want to miss – make sure to keep an eye out!

Alicia 🙂

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