That’s A Wrap! (“Irresistible Offers” Recap)

If you’ve been following along, I’ve been sharing tips over the last couple of weeks to help you create offers your prospects just can’t refuse 😉

We covered a lot of ground … so I wanted to give you a quick recap in case you missed anything!


Here’s the full breakdown of what goes into an irresistible offer:

  1. Don’t give away too much. When it comes to higher ticket offers? People want RESULTS …. not more “stuff.” And, they’re willing to pay more to get those results! Don’t be afraid to raise the price and take deliverables AWAY if your offer isn’t converting. (read it here)

  2. Put the right offer in front of the right people. Put your higher-ticket, higher-commitment offers in front of your warmer audience, and test lower-ticket, lower-commitment, offers on cold prospects. (read it here)

  3. Create REAL urgency. Besides countdown timers and sale banners, create legit urgency for your prospects by giving them an immediate, emotionally-satisfying solution they can easily say YES to. (ex: focusing on the transformation they can expect, not just the special deal!) (read it here)

  4. Test different hooks. People buy for different reasons, so test your ads and emails with 2-3 different hooks to see which one grabs more attention and sales! When you know which hook works, double down for the rest of your campaign. (read it here)

  5. Beta test your offer. To get social proof and validate your offer before you spend ALL of your time on a launch, beta test offer your program in exchange for feedback — and use that feedback to improve your offer and showcase your amazing results! (read it here)

  6. Leverage your social proof. After you beta test or run your program, highlight and leverage your testimonials in your ads, emails, and sales page to back up your BIG promise. People like to see that other people have gotten tangible results with you, so share testimonials freely! (read it here)

As we go into the holiday season, keep these tips in your back pocket so your offers have a better chance of converting.

In fact, you can bookmark or star this post right now so you can come back to it when you need it!

Remember — not every offer or campaign is a home run right off the bat, so don’t be afraid to test.

You got this!

Make today amazing,


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