Getting This Wrong Can Kill A Great Offer

This week we’re talking about what makes an “irresistible offer.”

And while we could dive deeper into more details like pricing, social proof, and creating urgency around your offer (which we’ll get to in later emails!)…

None of that matters if you’re putting your offer in front of the wrong audience.

This is a conversion-killer, and one of the biggest mistakes I see coaches making right now.

Here’s what I mean…

If you have an existing social media following or email list, that means you have a “warm” audience you can tap into, right?

That audience knows who you are, trusts you, and some of them have probably even worked with you or bought from you before.

In fact, if you’re consistently nurturing that audience with high-value content, you could probably put a high-ticket offer in front of them and many would buy!

On the other hand, you could take that SAME offer that converts with your warm audience — same messaging, same deliverables, same price, same social proof —

And not make a single sale if you put it in front of a “cold” audience who doesn’t know you yet.

Does it mean the offer doesn’t work?

Not at all!

It just means it’s in front of the wrong audience.

Here’s how to fix that:

Imagine if YOU were your ideal prospect.

What would you want to learn? What kind of experience would you want to have?

What would you need to read, listen to, or watch to make you think ….


Start there.

How you warm up your audience and build the know-love-trust is IMPORTANT.

It’s make or break when it comes to your conversions.

So if you’ve ever taken a “proven” offer that worked on your warm audience …

and ran ads to it or put it in front of a cold audience only to have it flop (big time)…

Instead of scrapping it altogether, keep selling that offer to your warm audience and create a strong nurture flow or lower-commitment offer you could sell to new prospects instead.

Remember: you’ve got to WARM UP your cold audience before you invite them to change their life with your high-ticket offer.

Make today amazing,


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