How Do You Find The PERFECT Hook For Your Offer?

Trick question: how do you find the perfect hook for your offer?

Answer: You have to TEST!

These last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about what makes an irresistible offer…

And of course, we can’t have that convo without talking about how to test different hooks.

A “hook” is an opening statement designed to grab your prospects’ attention.

It can be a headline, subject line, or a catchy statement about your offer.

The mistake most people make is using the sale or promo as their hook — and not testing anything else!

For example, most people rely on hooks like…

“FLASH SALE! Save 50% from now until Friday!” – OR – “Doors are open to join [PROGRAM]!”

And although that might work for your warm audience who already knows, loves, and trusts you (and will buy anything you put in front of them)…

Those types of sales-focused hooks might not work for NEW prospects who aren’t familiar with you or your brand.

And here’s the other tricky part: you won’t know what your ideal prospects even want until you test and get their feedback!

That means you’ll need to create 2-3 hooks around your offer to see which one works best.

For example, if you’re offering yoga teacher training, you might create 2-3 ads where one leads with a hook about deepening their yoga practice and another leads with a hook about starting a new career.

It’s the same great offer … but different “hooks” to get different people in the door.

As an added bonus: testing your offer with multiple hooks takes the pressure off launching because you can try your first, second, and third best guesses!

Once you test and get feedback, just double down on the hook that’s working best 🙂

Make today amazing,


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