3 Powerful Ways To Leverage Your Social Proof…

Ready for one FINAL tip for creating an irresistible offer?!

In my last post, I talked about using a beta test to prove the concept of your offer and to generate solid social proof you can use when you launch.

Today, I want to talk about 3 ways to leverage that social proof to make your offer an absolute NO-BRAINER for your ideal clients!

As you know — social proof is a HUGE motivator to buy a product or service.

When you see other people just like you getting incredible results … you begin to believe that you could get those same results, too.

To give your prospects and leads the same confidence in YOUR offer, here are 3 ways to use social proof to make your offer even more irresistible:

1. Use screenshots & video testimonials right on your sales page.

And yes, screenshots are better than plain text! Both of these types of social proof foster more trust because they can’t be faked as easily.

Use testimonials that clearly show a transformation — whether it’s someone describing where they were BEFORE your program and the results they got after … or by using actual before and after shots!

2. Back up any big claims or promises with testimonials that prove them.

When you’re writing your marketing emails or sales page and you make a claim about what people can expect … follow it up with a relevant testimonial that echoes what you just said!

3. Prime your audience for your offers with testimonials on social media.

Having one day a week where you share client wins is a great way to consistently generate hype around your offers.

It takes the average person 7 times to see or hear the same message before they take action or buy … so don’t worry about wearing it out!

If you don’t have a system for getting feedback on your products, services, or programs, then right now is the time to start baking it into your systems.

It’s always a good idea to have a swipe folder where you keep all your testimonials (labeled properly!) so they’re easy to grab when you’re creating your marketing.

You earned it. It’s time to let the world see what you can do 🙂


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