Are You Giving Away Too Much?

What if I told you that giving away TOO much in your offers can turn your ideal clients off?

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

In fact, offering a program or product that doesn’t match up with the investment — whether the price is too high OR too low — is one of the biggest reasons people don’t buy.

Think about it…

Have you ever seen a low-priced offer with tons of bonuses and deliverables and wondered, “Is this really any good? Why are they giving so much away? Is this too good to be true?”

When you “give away the farm” for a super low price, your prospects are thinking the same thing.

Unfortunately, most business owners’ first reaction to an offer that’s not converting is to lower the price and throw in more bonuses or deliverables.

But what if instead, you took a bonus away and offered it as an upsell?

Or raised the price of your offer without adding more deliverables?

→ When it comes to higher ticket offers, people want RESULTS …. not more “stuff.”

Not only that, but when they have too much content, a lot of times they don’t end up using ANY of it.

And that’s the opposite of the reason you created your program in the first place, right?

When it comes to people’s health and fitness, you’d be surprised at how many people would prefer to pay more to know they’re getting the best support.

And the ones who don’t?

They may not be your ideal clients, and that’s okay.

That said, my invitation for you is the next time you have an offer that’s not converting, consider if you’re giving away too much for too little in return.

Not only is it OK to offer less, but offering more may also be what’s keeping your offer from converting as well as it could!

Make today amazing,


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