The Beta Test Strategy

Want to know a secret?

You don’t have to wait to launch your offer to see if people want it or if it works!

In fact, I HIGHLY recommend validating your offer with something called a “beta test” BEFORE you spend months creating your launch content.

A beta test will help you:

  • Gauge the interest in your offer
  • See if your approach or product works
  • AND get some amazing social proof (testimonials) you can use if you DO decide to launch your offer after the beta test!

On top of all that, you CAN and SHOULD charge for your beta program.

Not only will you get a quick cash injection, but your clients will take the program a lot more seriously.

To sweeten the deal and create urgency for your beta program, you can give them a slight (or major!) discount, include additional coaching or 1-1 time (this is the most common), or throw in some juicy bonuses.

It’s a win-win!

To make the most of your beta test, here are a few tips:

  1. When you announce that you’re looking for beta testers, be clear about who your offer is for, the time commitment involved, and that you’re doing the test to get as much feedback as possible.
  2. Have a system ready for collecting feedback. You can automate this by having a survey ready to go out during and after the program, or you can book “offboarding chats” in the beginning as part of your onboarding process so no one slips through the cracks!
  3. When you’re collecting testimonials, ask questions that will produce clear, complete answers. For example, instead of asking “would you recommend this program to a friend?” ask, “if you would recommend this to a friend, what would you tell them and why?”

Running a beta test takes work up front, but it can save you hundreds of hours of work and potentially thousands of dollars of marketing the wrong offer!

It’s also great for getting the social proof you need to make your offer stronger when you ARE ready to launch (more on that in my next post!).

Make it an amazing day,


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