How To Create REAL Urgency For Your Offer

In my last few posts, I’ve been talking all about what makes an “irresistible offer” and how to improve an offer that’s not converting.

So far, we’ve covered how to know if you’re discounting or giving away too much, and how to make sure you’re showing the right offer to the right audience.

And today?

We’re talking about how to create REAL urgency that gets people to take action!

The reason we didn’t start with this tip is because most people lean too heavily on fake urgency to sell their offers.

Rather than focusing on the transformation their prospect can expect from their program, they focus more on the “special deal” and push people to “buy now”.

The thing is, creating urgency requires more than fake countdown timers and “one-time only” banners.

Although those marketing bells and whistles help at times (like when you’re truly selling a “one-time only” offer)…

The SOLUTION your offer promises should feel urgent to your ideal client.

For example, a weight loss recipe book may not feel urgent to a busy mom who needs to lose weight — even if you tell her it’s a “one-time only” deal.

Sure, it might be nice and she might think about it, but no one really needs another recipe book ASAP!

Instead, tap into the immediate SOLUTION the recipe book solves.

If she follows the recipes in the book for 7, 14, or 30 days … will she actually lose weight?

Will she be able to stop spending extra money on shakes and supplements if she follows the plan in the book?

Will it save her hours of scouring Pinterest for “diet recipes” so she can have more time in her day and stop thinking so much about food?

It’s those kinds of immediate, emotionally-satisfying solutions that feel urgent to your ideal clients — and they beat a fake “one-time only” banner any day!

Happy selling 🙂


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