Scared Of Reels? Use These 3 Tips :)

The Facebook and Instagram “powers that be” have spoken, and they love reels.

Both platforms have made it crystal clear that they’re giving reels more reach and visibility than any other type of post…

But who has time for all of that, right?

If you’re still looking at reels wondering where to even start, here are 3 quick tips to make them a whole lot easier:

  1. Give each reel ONE goal. Don’t worry about every reel being entertaining, educational, AND converting the viewer into a client. You just need to choose ONE goal. For example, if your goal is to get more eyes on your content? You might choose to make a funny, relatable reel. Or, if your goal is to warm up your audience before a launch, make your reel educational.
  2. Keep them short! Right now, the highest-performing reels are between 15-20 seconds, have a strong hook, and provide most of the value in the caption. If you do want to create longer reels, be sure to have 2-3 second transitions between each thought rather than creating one, long monologue.
  3. Create more video footage throughout the week. Don’t want to record yourself talking face-to-camera all the time? You don’t have to. You can record yourself walking down the street, record 30 seconds of the nature around you on your walk, prop up your phone to record you while you do your workout, etc. When you pair those clips with valuable text on the screen and trending sounds, you have a reel!

And bonus tip #4? Don’t overthink it.

An “okay” reel is better than no reel.

Now go press record!

Make it an amazing day,


P.S. Want more help with reels? You can get fresh, new ideas every month inside The Content Club 🙂

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