3 Secrets to Sales Convos That Feel Like Magic ✨

Ever found yourself in a sales conversation that felt forced or awkward?

I’m pretty sure we’ve ALL been there.

But the good news is that there are a few simple tweaks that can help you turn any sales convo (even if you hate having sales convos!)…

… into an amazing opportunity to build a genuine connection with your prospect so that you can actually help that person change their life.

(Because we all know that the only way to truly help someone transform is for them to become a client.)

These strategies work (and feel aligned) for us, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be helpful for you, too 😉

In my last two posts here and here, I broke down step-by-step how you can tap into what your audience is already telling you, so you can create more compelling marketing copy and engaging social media content.

Today, let’s level up your sales game by bumping up the trust and connection factor and strategically tailoring your conversations to help more people (and get more sales).

Let’s get into it!

🎯 Speak Their Language:

When you repeat your prospect’s own words back to them (when it makes sense!), they’ll feel heard and understood. It’ll reinforce that you’re on the same page and they’ll feel like you “get them.” (Plus, you’ll be even more focused on your prospect if you’re actively listening to them.)

= Builds trust and connection ✅

🎯 Highlight Only What Really Matters:

I’ve seen so many coaches bomb their sales pitch because they start talking about ALL the things their program can do…

Instead of simply connecting the specific parts of their program that’ll help them get the results they want.

Keep it tight and relevant. Cut out the rest.

= A no-brainer offer that solves their problem ✅

🎯 Tie in Testimonials:

Have you already helped a client achieve a goal just like the one your prospect wants to achieve? Has a member overcome a similar challenge?

Share that success story with your prospect and show them how you can help them achieve the same results. This single strategy will help you win a LOT more.

= Social proof adds credibility + trust + positions you as an expert ✅

After all, at the end of the day, we’re in the relationship business.

Hope you found this mini-series helpful. If you did, I’d love it if you hit “reply” and let me know. (I always love hearing from you!)

Make it an amazing day,


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