Why It’s Harder For Health & Fit Pros To Stand Out Right Now…

Nope, it’s not in your head… As a health or fitness coach, you face a challenge that coaches in other niches don’t — because what you teach is grounded in science. Science that: – Is largely universal – Doesn’t change often – And that EVERYONE else is teaching… Because it’s science! In other words, a … Read more

Your MOST Important Sale

There are SO many coaches who are great at what they do… But are STILL undervaluing themselves (in a big way). On top of that, as health and fitness coaches who care about changing the world and helping people live happier, healthier lives… Selling your services at a premium can be especially hard when you … Read more

Hacking your happiness with “The Law of Little Things”

There’s a Tibetan saying that reminds us: “If you take care of the minutes, the years take care of themselves.” You’ve probably heard that with pennies and dollars, too. Business owners (myself included) can often become SO consumed with planning for “what’s next” … That we sometimes completely overlook the small, amazing moments happening right … Read more