5 Unusual Client Gift Ideas

Want to make your clients feel like a MILLION bucks?! Ever since I became an entrepreneur, one of my core values as a business owner has been to “over-deliver.” Over the years, we’ve done some really fun things for our clients. That “little bit extra” really does go a long way. It’s never about how … Read more

Challenge Of The Week: Core Values

[CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK 1/23: CORE VALUES] Do you have Core Values in your business? “Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what a company values. They are the essence of the company’s identity – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values.” – Schoenlaub When you define your core values for … Read more

Challenge Of The Week : Bookkeeping Challenge!

[Challenge of the Week!! 1/16] Let’s kick this year off ORGANIZED and in control. Your challenge THIS week is to make sure you have a SYSTEM set up for your bookkeeping to keep track of your income and expenses. The last thing you want to be doing in March or April is wasting time sorting … Read more

Systemizing Your Workout Programming….

(Guest post by Program Design Expert: Fred Zoller) The question of programming often comes up when discussing training in a private setting, semi-private setting and continuing to larger groups and bootcamps. I firmly believe that your workouts should always be “programmed” not just written down. The two are completely different. This applies to ALL types … Read more

Using Posture Analysis To Grow Your Business!

Guest Post by Adam McCluskey I think of posture analysis as the foundation of my client evaluation. This shows me what position they spend most of their day in. I can tell which motions will be limited, and where they will be weak just from a short posture analysis. Since posture has a direct correlation … Read more