This 3-Letter Word Solves *Almost* Anything

Imagine someone pops the dreaded question:

“Why should I work with YOU over another health or fitness coach?”

How would you answer that one?

And, how confident would your answer be?

Recently, my amazing team and I decided to play detective…

We sent out a survey asking some of our audience what they were struggling with, and guess what?

A whole LOT of health and fitness coaches came back saying they’re mostly clueless about their own “special sauce.”

If you can relate, here’s an easy way to figure it out…

Instead of asking yourself, “What makes me stand out?”

Start asking yourself, “WHY do I do what I do?”

These days, almost anyone can find the health and fitness info they’re looking for with a quick search online.

But what makes YOU different is WHY you do what you do.

Maybe you started your business because you’ve struggled with the same issues your ideal client is struggling with…

Or maybe, you were in a completely different career, fell out of love with it, and decided to do something that felt more meaningful.

Whatever your “WHY” is, it’s uniquely yours.

If your why is too surface-level, then go deeper. Challenge yourself. Spend some real time with it.

Once you’ve nailed it?

Then repeating that messaging in everything you do is one of the easiest ways to start standing out AND become more relatable.

But here’s the icing on the cake…

Reconnecting with your “WHY” also solves just about anything you’re struggling with in your business.

Don’t feel like creating content? Tired after a day of calls? Rather watch grass grow than watch a Facebook ads training?

Think about WHY you do what you do.

Your “WHY” zooms you out so you can see the big picture, and suddenly, the challenges in front of you don’t seem so bad.

That’s a lot of power for a 3-letter word!

So, grab a pen, a notebook, or just open up your trusty Notes app, and start jotting down what fuels your fire 🔥

Make it an amazing day,


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