How To Get AMAZING Social Proof From Your Challenges

How amazing would it be to get 10, 20, or even 50+ new testimonials EVERY time you launch a challenge? Pretty great, right? Well, in my last post, I mentioned how important tracking client progress is… But I also mentioned the fact that SO many coaches don’t have a system for collecting social proof. To … Read more

10 Strategies to Level Up Your Next Challenge

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4 Ways To Turn Challengers Into Paying CLIENTS

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3 Transformation Challenge Mistakes To AVOID

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Why Challenges Attract Top-Tier Clients

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How Much Time Should YOU Spend In Your FB Group?

This month we’ve been talking a lot about the kinds of content that spark engagement and boost profits in your Facebook groups… But what about YOU engaging? If the purpose of growing and nurturing your Facebook group (or a group on any other platform) is to create an audience who knows, loves, and trusts you, … Read more