This Is How You Prime Leads To Buy

I know it’s tempting… Someone opts into your email list, and you immediately want to hit them with your offer. That’s the whole point of capturing new leads, right? Well… sort of. Your follow-up emails need to be more than just a sales pitch. Yes, you’ll eventually invite your new leads to take action, whether … Read more

Are You Confusing New Leads?

Ever wonder why some leads go cold even after they’ve opted into your email list? It’s not you… It’s your messaging. Think about it: let’s say someone opts in for a lead magnet that features your best high-protein meal prep recipes for hormone-friendly weight loss. That means they’re interested in hormone-friendly nutrition, right? So, if … Read more

4 Ways To Lock In Long-Term Clients During Your Challenge

I’ve got some seriously helpful tips for you to smoothly transition challengers into your long-term coaching programs today! Before you launch ANY challenge after the holidays, I want to give you a few strategies to make sure your challengers stick around for higher-ticket programs. You may have heard me talk about these before, but I’m … Read more

How To Make Sure Your Challenge Flops

Yes, FLOPS! If you want to make sure people DON’T sign up for your challenge… And you want to DON’T generate long-term clients… And you DON’T want to be profitable… Here’s what to do: 1. Under-price or over-price your program. Nothing says “I’m not sure what I’m doing” like a price tag that’s totally out … Read more

Transformation Challenges Are Great, EXCEPT…

Over the last decade, almost NOTHING has been more pivotal in my business (and my clients’ businesses) than running transformation challenges. Transformation challenges are: A low-risk way for potential clients to experience you Awesome for newbies to hyper-focus on their goals and get incredible results A great way to keep current clients happy and engaged … Read more

How To Get AMAZING Social Proof From Your Challenges

How amazing would it be to get 10, 20, or even 50+ new testimonials EVERY time you launch a challenge? Pretty great, right? Well, in my last post, I mentioned how important tracking client progress is… But I also mentioned the fact that SO many coaches don’t have a system for collecting social proof. To … Read more

10 Strategies to Level Up Your Next Challenge

Mark your calendar… because March 21st is the official launch date for our brand-new Men’s Transformation Challenge! 🎉 This program has been years in the making, and we can not WAIT to share all of the exciting details soon! But I can share that this program gets INSANE results. And even more than helping men … Read more