Your MOST Important Sale

There are SO many coaches who are great at what they do…

But are STILL undervaluing themselves (in a big way).

On top of that, as health and fitness coaches who care about changing the world and helping people live happier, healthier lives…

Selling your services at a premium can be especially hard when you want to help everybody.

What if the price scares them away and they don’t get the help they need?

What if they spend all that money and don’t get the results they’re hoping for?

Although it’s AMAZING of you to care that much…

There’s a sneaky limiting belief in there that maybe your coaching program isn’t good enough or worth the price…

And there can be heavy feelings of guilt, anxiety, or unworthiness surrounding your sales conversations.

The solution?

Sell YOURSELF first.

This idea comes from one of the first programs I took to grow my own community…

In the beginning, we were encouraged to list at least 50 reasons why it was GOOD for someone to buy from us.

For example, maybe you go the extra mile to connect personally with your clients every single week so they feel seen and heard.

Or maybe, your method is producing life-changing results for tens or even hundreds of people.

Or, it could be as simple as the fact that you’re HONEST about the amount of work your clients need to put in to get the results they want.

These are all great reasons for someone to buy from you, and no reason is too small.

(Seriously, give yourself credit!)

So if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable when it comes time to name your price…

Or you’re dragging your feet on raising your prices even though you KNOW it’s time…

Make a list of at least 15-20 reasons why it’s GOOD for someone to buy from you.

And keep on adding to that list as you get better every day.

Keep that list visible near your workspace, and revisit it daily until you’re officially sold on YOU.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your energy shifts when it comes time to share the program investment.

I mean, they’d be crazy NOT to invest with you to change their lives, right? 🤩

Make it an amazing day,


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