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My New Focus Hack When I Work…. (pic)

I’ve been using my essential oil diffuser for years now…. but it wasn’t until recently that I started using it to help me focus while I was working. I’ve always used it for relaxation and healing…. and also because it smells amazing. But lately, I’ve been using it pretty much every time I sit down … Read more

My 3 Tech “Must-Haves” To Run My Business

Right now, I’m sitting on a plan on the way up to Toronto. I’m headed to a Raptors game tonight with my friend Stephanie Joanne. Tomorrow and Thursday, I’m going to a Strategic Coach mastermind to soak in as much as I can. This has been on my mind for a few weeks to write … Read more

Expand Your “Threshold of Control”

I drew this picture while I was at Business Mastery a couple of weeks ago… (don’t be jealous of my handwriting) It doesn’t matter what level of success you’ve achieved in your business, we’ve all got a “Threshold of Control.” In a nutshell, it’s the outer limit of where you and your business have currently … Read more

My Top 10 From Business Mastery

Well, it happened. Everyone around me was sick for the last few weeks… and I thought I escaped… but I didn’t. I apologize because I wanted to get this email out to you last week, but ended up spending some quality time with my pillow, instead. Feeling much better now, and ready to rock! Last … Read more

When NOT To Take Action Or Make Decisions…

I’m back from my trip to Business Mastery! It was a lot different than I expected. Later this week, I’m going to share some of my biggest take-aways and my thoughts about the event with you! Today, I want to talk about something REALLY important…. You hear ALL of the time how important it is … Read more