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This 1 Email Generated 10k In New Business…

I forgot where I heard about this crazy “9-word email” thing for the first time. I think it was back in my KBL Mastermind back in the day! Regardless, it’s incredibly POWERFUL and it still works like a charm. I got over 80 replies back, set up consultations, and signed over 10k in new business … Read more

Zazen Is Changing My Life….

Recently, I’ve been getting serious about something….and it’s starting to have a large impact on my life. Even though I haven’t been doing it for that long, I’ve noticed some REAL and significant changes. And even though this doesn’t have anything to do with running a fitness business, it has everything to do with running … Read more

How To Outsource Your Inbox…

We just had a great question asked yesterday in my Facebook Group by someone asking “how to have your assistant take over your emails.” So…. I spelled out a step-by-step process for her, and wanted to share it with you also, because I see this come up a lot. (also- I just posted a detailed … Read more

New Client Onboarding (Step-by-Step)

One of my fav things to talk about in business is about how to over-deliver to your clients and prospects the BLOW them away. To “Over-deliver” is one of my core values (in business and in life.) I want to exceed expectations and raise standards. My goal is that after EVERY interaction with me or … Read more