10 Strategic Black Friday Ideas For Clients & Prospects

Can you feel the excitement building?! Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK, and it’s one of my all-time favorite holidays!

And then, the day after comes the mad rush of Black Friday … and just a couple days later, Cyber Monday.

I’ve been getting a TON of questions about BLACK FRIDAY and how to position an offer, so I put together a guide for you (below) that will help give you a few ideas!

OK, Let’s dive right in…..

First, ALWAYS REMEMBER These Top 2 Rules for Any Promotion:

—> Build SCARCITY and URGENCY into your offer (i.e., set a time limit or limit the number of available spots).

—> ALWAYS ask yourself how you can add value to your offer (rather than defaulting to discounting). Discounting too much can quickly turn into a losing proposition for service-based businesses. There’s absolutely a place for it, but FIRST, ask yourself how you can add more value instead.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promotions for EXISTING CLIENTS:

1. OFFER A PAID-IN-FULL PROMO: Have them commit to their goals for 2019 by paying in full for 6 to 12 months. You can offer a small discount (5 to 15 percent at the very most!) BUT definitely add value to seal the deal!

Some ideas, depending on your price points: free admission to your New Year’s challenge, free training for December, a bundle of supplements, an activity tracker (Fitbit), blender, a month of nutrition coaching, spa day, weekend at a resort, branded clothing, etc.

2. RETAIL/SUPPLEMENTS: This is a GREAT way to clear out inventory that you want to move! Bundle ‘em up and offer a discount to liquidate them!

3. DISCOUNTED GIFT CARDS: Clients absolutely *love* these … they’re a great way to give the gift of fitness! They can purchase for themselves (or get their spouses to buy one for them!) or for their family and friends. You can use gift cards for memberships, training, your upcoming challenges – whatever fits YOUR business!

You can have them pay $40 for a $50 gift card, or buy 3, get one free, etc. Just make sure it makes SENSE for your business if you’re going to do this 🙂

Promotions for your CHALLENGE CLIENTS:

If you’re running a holiday challenge (like “Hot for the Holidays”) over the next few weeks, it’s a great opportunity for challengers try out even more of your services!

4. “COMMIT TO BE FIT IN 2019”: During the FIRST week of their challenge, you can offer a special promo just for your challengers – have them commit to 6 to 12 months (NOT as a paid in full, but with an EFT commitment).

Add value by throwing in some extras: supplements, a New Year’s Challenge, a slight discount on training, etc.

→ NINJA TIP TO MAKE YOUR PROMO A WIN-WIN DEAL … build RISK REVERSAL into your offer! That way they know they literally have nothing to lose! ←

“Karen, I’m so glad you joined our Hot for the Holidays Challenge! You’re already doing great, and I know this challenge is the start of something AMAZING. You are going to crush your goals of XYZ.

As a thank you for trying us out, we want to offer you something special in honor of the holidays to help you continue what you’ve started in the New Year!


I know you just began the challenge and you haven’t had a chance to see all the results ahead of you. That’s why if any ANY point over the next XX days, for ANY reason, you’re not 100% sure we’re the right fit for you, just let us know and we’ll tear up your agreement. No questions asked.”


Removing the risk turns their answer into a no-brainer. Not only that but having your challengers commit within their first week will help keep them engaged during the entire challenge … and that means they’ll be more apt to meet their goals!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday for PROSPECTS:

Prospects are anyone in your target market that you’re not currently doing business with – they haven’t yet had the chance to learn how awesome you are … so your best bet is to approach them with low-risk offers: short-term programs that have a lower-cost point of entry.

5. OFFER A PRE-SALE on your New Year Challenge – if they take you up on it, offer a value-added upsell to train with you in December at a (slightly) discounted rate!

6. DISCOUNTS on retail merchandise.

7. SOCIAL MEDIA CONTEST – Build excitement in your FB group or via your FB page with a live raffle or flash sale! This could be for seminars, workshops, or your New Year’s Challenge.

8. CREATE A 12-WEEK JUMPSTART PROGRAM for the New Year – Offer a special New Year’s package for 2019 that includes training, nutrition coaching, etc. Load on the value with a workshop discounted membership for the rest of 2018, supplements, etc.

9. GIFT CARDS! (See above)

10. CREATE A HOLIDAY SUPPLEMENT BUNDLE. Throw in a consultation to help them create the perfect custom blend for their goals.

As you can see, there are TONS of ways you can build excitement through Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

I hope this list helps you think of even MORE ideas that will get your clients fired up!

When YOU feel the excitement of this time of year …. and the many ways you can help your clients (present and future!) make real change in their lives … they’ll FEEL IT too!

Have an amazing day!

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