[SWIPE] Send This To Your Clients For Halloween….

While I was taking my pup around the lake for our daily walk… I saw something AMAZING!

There were two beautiful bald eagles perched in a tree above me. What a way to start my morning!

This has nothing to do with my post for today, but I wanted to share the pic I took with you because they are such beautiful animals, and I thought you’d enjoy them!! (pic below!)

Ok, back to business. Every year when I had my fitness business, I’d send out a copy of a poem called “The Switch Witch” right before Halloween.

We all know how having candy in the house can tempt even the best of us. It’s just easier to remove temptation and get all it out of the house… for your clients, and for their kids!

So… instead of going Jimmy Kimmel style and telling their kids they ate all of their Halloween Candy… here’s another approach they can try:

(feel free to swipe this image if you like it, I created it in Canva so there are no copyrights on it.)

Once they trade out the candy, what do they do with it? Instead of throwing it all away, they can donate it through an organization called Soldiers Angels (here’s a link to see drop off locations: soldiersangels.org/treatsfortroops

Just wanted to pass along a healthier way to celebrate Halloween 🙂 Hope this helps!

Have an amazing day,

PS. Here are the amazing bald eagles I saw…

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