Your November Marketing & Promotions Checklist

Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? This year is flying by!

As we’re heading into one of the most exciting (and hectic!) times of the year, I can’t stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to have a plan in place to make the most of the season and finish 2018 strong.

Imagine this…

Your clients continue to stay motivated and fired up throughout the holidays….attendance is rockin’, you’re smooth sailing through the holidays because you’ve got your plan in place, you’ve prepped and prepared and aren’t doing anything last minute this year…

All while you building MOMENTUM and getting ready to SMASH it in 2019, and make it one of your best years yet.

Sound good? I thought so. And yes, it’s 100% possible.

It all starts with a plan. So that’s why I’ve put together a quick “November Business Checklist” to get you started.

Streamline it for your own holiday business prep. You don’t have to do ALL the things on the list, but these ideas should help you get the ball rolling.

Alright- let’s dive into the checklist…

November Marketing & Promotions Checklist

Holiday Transformation Programs & Challenges:

  • Select your start and end dates
  • Create your theme (example: Holiday Slimdown, Hot for the Holidays, Fitmas Holiday Challenge, Holiday Hustle, Maintain Don’t Gain, etc.)
  • Plan/implement FB ads and email marketing (submit to FB for approval BEFORE the ads are set to publish, so there’s no stress)
  • Don’t forget your upsell! (bundle with a holiday supplement pack, sell direct into membership and give them challenge for free, etc)
  • Client fulfillment – make sure you have all your ducks in a row to over-deliver to your clients and prospects! If you need challenges, I have a bunch to choose from here
  • Plan out all of the details… the content, graphics, touch points, delivery, etc. Make sure you’ve got your processes dialed in for lead gen and conversion

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Promo Ideas:

  • Make it a NO-BRAINER OFFER. If you do want to discount, make sure you only open it to a certain # of people… especially if they are paid in full.
  • Create offers that add value to your services – i.e., include in a transformation challenge, supplement pack, workshop series, PT sessions, special gifts, etc. Ideally, you’ll be adding in things that don’t cost you a lot of money but have a high perceived value.
  • Have special FEO (front end offer) pricing for the day (for example, slash 25%-50% off your 21-Day Hot for the Holidays” Challenge)
  • Build urgency or scarcity – add a time limit or limit the number of available spots.
  • Offer a discount on merchandise or supplements
  • Promote during classes, via email or in a live video in your Facebook group.
  • Facebook ads work well, but typically only for a front end offer (not PIF memberships)
  • Plan out all of the details… the content, graphics, publishing schedule, etc. Make sure your team is filled in on the details!

Seasonal Seminars/Workshops & Special Events:

  • Educate your members with a holiday survival, holiday drinks, or healthy cooking workshop.
  • You can even consider doing a healthy holiday cookie/recipe swap
  • Plan out everything way in advance… email marketing swipes, social media posts or ads, draft up class announcements, flyers, and anything you need to execute your event effortlessly.

Holiday Client Reactivations:

  • Every month, you should be running your client reactivation campaign, and holiday times are no different! However, consider adding some holiday flair to the offer to get former clients back in through the door

Email & Social Media Content:

  • Share healthy recipes, workout hacks, stress reduction tips, etc.
  • Run mini-challenges (examples: attendance/check-in challenge, specific habits to focus on, inspire-a-friend, gratitude challenge, etc)
  • Share client success and case studies stories for inspiration
  • Plan all of your content out in ADVANCE so you know exactly what is publishing, where, and on what day

Build Community & Celebrate the Season of Gratitude!

  • Run a local 5K Turkey Trot as a team
  • Hold a special Thanksgiving morning workout to benefit charity (consider promoting an FEO and donating a % of that money raised back to that charity)
  • Send handwritten appreciation cards to members and past clients
  • Give high-end clients special gifts: healthy gift baskets, personalized presents, etc.
  • Plan your events, touch points, cards, and gifts in ADVANCE, so you know exactly “what, when, and who” is doing what

Other Considerations:

  • Make sure you post your holiday schedule for the first week of November
  • Make sure you take care of your team and plan for any special team dinners, socials, gifts, and/or bonuses
  • Time block your schedule, so you know when YOU are taking off for personal / family time (this is SO IMPORTANT! Time block your workouts, family time, holiday shopping time, and everything else you need to get done. If you don’t, you’ll be stressing out and doing everything last minute!)
  • Schedule your auto-responders for times you’ll be out of the office and not checking emails
  • Plan out your schedule, events, etc for December (I’ll have a new December checklist coming your way next month! 🙂

Tips: Do as much as you can ahead of time to reduce stress and to give your clients the best experience possible. And delegate, delegate, delegate!

Have an amazing and productive day,
Alicia 🙂

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