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Part 1: The “E” Word Challenge

Today we’re going to focus on the “E” word: ELIMINATE. I talk to a lot of fitness pro’s who have WAY too much on their plate! It’s no wonder that people feel stressed out and overwhelmed. It’s not that they are running out of time in the day, it’s just that they are spending too … Read more

This Advice Changes EVERYTHING.

I’m back in Orlando today because the main water line at the beach was still being worked on yesterday! Good news is that I have great coffee and fast internet here 🙂 Pay close attention to this email….. Last week, I asked everyone in my FB group to share their favorite quote – and I … Read more

19 Golden Nuggets & Tips

A few weeks ago, I started a conversation in my Fitness Business Freedom Formula Group asking people to share their BEST tip or piece of advice they would give to someone just starting out. Something they WISH they had known before they got started…. We had some INCREDIBLE shares and truly insightful tips. So I … Read more

Coffee, Meditation, Elk, & Breakthroughs

Evergreen Colorado is AMAZING. I’ve never been to Colorado in the summer before…and it does not disappoint. Deer, elk, bunnies, and birds are EVERYWHERE. I felt like I was in the Legend of Zelda. A few friends and I rented out an air b&b and met up in a beautiful mountain home in Evergreen and … Read more