Ninja Productivity Part 5: Creating your Daily / Weekly / Monthly + Plugging It All In

We’re wrapping up our “Delegate, Automate, or Eliminate Challenge” today (winners will be selected later today!)… and I’m also wrapping up my productivity series. In case you’ve missed any of the past posts in the series, you can catch up HERE. Before we dive in, I’ve got a special announcement!! I’m excited to share the … Read more

Ninja Productivity Part 3: How Much Are You Worth Per Hour?

Interested in how much your time is really worth? I thought so. You SHOULD be interested… because knowing what that number is will help you identify which specific tasks in your business to delegate, and which ones you should continue (or start) doing yourself. Since we’re smack in the middle of our productivity series right … Read more

Ninja Productivity Part 1: Enter the Time Tracker….

Ready for an eye-opening exercise? As promised, I’m going to be breaking down some of the productivity strategies that I’m using with my high-level mastermind, The Tribe. Before we dive in over the next couple of weeks with some of the specific actions on exactly WHAT you can do to become more productive… it’s really … Read more

The $4,000 Round Trip Ticket to Tokyo…

A few years ago, an entrepreneur named Peter Shankman signed a book contract. This wasn’t just any book contract… it was one with a TWO WEEK DEADLINE. He had just 14 days to complete a beast of a manuscript. So he did something very unconventional. He booked a $4,000 business class, round trip flight to … Read more