Never Ask “What Do I Delegate To My Assistant?” Ever Again …

Most people bottleneck themselves all the way up the growth ladder.

New levels, new devils, right? It’s a part of it.

But there is a way to minimize the friction as you grow… and one of those ways is to create a real plan for your growth.

That’s why last week I shared why mapping out “phases” for your growth is so important.

If you missed it… you can check it out here <<

I also shared last week that I manage my entire business inside Asana (to make sure nothing slips through the cracks).

When you set it up properly, it can help you run your business like a machine.

Well, today I wanted to put the “growth phases” + Asana together and share a tip that helps me delegate with SPEED.

It’s rare that you do something in your business only once, right?

That’s why I LOVE setting up recurring tasks in Asana so much.

So if you keep everything you’re doing (along with your SOPs, templates, scripts, etc) organized in Asana (or other platforms), and you’ve created recurring tasks…

You’ll have a handy dandy list of everyday tasks RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU that (even if YOU are the one doing them right now) can be delegated in the future.

So here’s what I do:

Since I know WHO I want to bring on my team in my upcoming phases of growth …

—> I put little initials (ex: SR for sales rep, VA for virtual assistant, etc) to the left of each task that I’m currently doing that I’m going to delegate to a particular team member.

Example: “SR – Follow-up with leads in pipeline”

So when I onboard my new team members in the future, I ALREADY have a list of tasks ready to go – that I just need to train my new hire on, and then reassign to them to take over.

No more asking yourself questions like “What do I delegate to my assistant?” ever again.

This strategy has saved me SO much time over the years.

It has worked really well for me, and also for my coaching clients.

And if this is something that you can use some help with (creating your plan for growth, figuring out WHO you need on your team to help you get there (& how you’re going to hire, pay, train, and retain them, and building out your systems) …

I’m opening a handful of spots in my coaching program.

It’s a combination of 1-1 and group coaching that is personalized every step of the way for your goals and your life.

If you’re interested in learning more, let’s get a call scheduled to see if it may be a good fit!

Here’s the link to check it out <<

(I’m only opening up a handful of spots, so if you’re interested, book your call asap!)

Make it a productive day,


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