How to Convert Challengers Into Long-Term Paying Clients

You already know transformation programs/challenges are great for giving your business a quick boost of revenue …

But they are exponentially more powerful when you use them to generate long-term, paying clients.

It just makes sense …

The whole point of an FEO is to 1) attract your ideal clients and 2) give them a chance to try out your services before committing to a longer-term membership.

I’m going to identify a few key moments during your challenges – or ANY of your front-end offers (FEOs) – where you can make the all-important conversion that turns your “challengers” into clients.

TIP: You definitely want to have your conversion plan mapped out BEFORE you launch your challenge or FEO.

This is because you’re likely going to get so caught up in over-delivering and taking care of your challengers…

and before you know it, the program is over and you’re scrambling to try to sign everyone up. Now it’s too late, and your conversions suffer in a big way.

By Having an FEO Client Conversion System / Plan …

  • You can track what’s actually working and what’s not
  • No one falls through the cracks
  • There’s no last-minute stress
  • You give yourself the best opportunity for maximum conversions!

NINJA TIP: Using scarcity (a limited # of spots) or urgency (a deadline) can improve your conversion % significantly.

4 Proven Ideas to Convert Your Challengers to Long-Term Paying Clients:

1. Why wait until the FEO even starts to convert them?! If it makes sense based on their goals, convert them STRAIGHT into your long-term membership … and give them the FEO/challenge for FREE as a bonus for committing to their goals.

You can do this right away when they are signing up for the FEO, or during their orientation, if you have one, as a special “commit to your goals” offer. This is a SUPER POWERFUL strategy.

2. The Descending “Email” Drip Strategy: This is a series of emails that you’ll send out weekly to your participants. The strongest and best offer is during the first week (designed to get the highest conversions – while people are excited!), and they get less of a discount/offer as time goes by.

This is a great strategy, especially if you run on volume because you’ll have a much smaller % of people who haven’t converted yet, to follow-up with at the end of the program.

3. The Personal 1-1 Follow-Up: Depending on the number of participants you have, you can schedule personal check-ins throughout the program. You’ll use one (or more) of these check-ins to talk about their long-term goals, and use that conversation as an opportunity to convert them into a member.

Just make sure you have your EXACT plan ahead of time, and know when these check-ins will be, how they will get scheduled, and how you’ll be reminding them of their appointment.

4. Final Week Strategy: This is where you’ll meet with each participant individually AFTER their results are in from their FEO, and talk to them about their goals and the next steps to continue on.

This is NOT recommended because people are more likely to convert when they’re EXCITED and fired up at the beginning of their program.

However- if you have dialed in your program, have ninja-like accountability skills, and have the time to meet with each participant individually once their results are in from the FEO, this may work for you!

ONE MORE TIP … you probably want to add “Risk Reversal” into your offer. Especially if you’re making an offer to convert towards the beginning of their FEO.

This is because people haven’t had a chance to test-drive your program yet! They need to feel confident in their decision before signing up for a longer-term program.

My favorite way to do this is to say something like:

“I know you just began [PROGRAM NAME] and haven’t had a chance to experience our program or see the incredible results you’re about to achieve … That’s why if any ANY point over the next XX days, for ANY reason, you’re not 100% sure we’re the right fit for you, just let us know and we’ll tear up your agreement. No questions asked.”

I hope these ideas helped to get your wheels turning about conversions …

As well as made the case for making sure you have your strategy in place BEFORE you launch your next front-end offer.

That’s about it for now.

I hope you have an AMAZING rest of your day 🙂


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