How To Keep Clients Motivated AFTER their Challenge Is Over…

The other day, I shared 4 proven strategies (including the “Descending Drip”) on how to CONVERT new challengers into long-term paying clients.

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Today, I wanted to dive a little deeper into challenges…

Because one of the biggest problems I see business owners run into is how to keep their clients motivated AFTER the challenge is over.

And I have news for you…

What happens AFTER is equally as important for your business (and your clients) as what happens DURING the challenge or FEO (front-end offer).

That’s because when your clients reach the “finish line” – the end of their challenge – they can mentally check out quickly.

Unless they have a plan in place or a new goal to strive for, they can actually UNDO all of the progress they worked so hard to make.

You can help them avoid that by keeping them focused and looking ahead!

How, you ask?

There are a few powerful strategies you can use to do this.

#1. Guide your clients to create a NEW MINI-GOAL that’s meaningful for them.

If they don’t have anything to work towards, they can quickly fall back into old habits.

Get them focused on a new short-term, habit-based, 30-day goal that they can work towards … and then hold them ACCOUNTABLE to that goal.

You can even have them post their new goal publicly for extra accountability!

#2. Create a “maintenance plan” or “next level” plan they can transition into once the challenge ends.

I LOVE transformation programs and challenges, but the ultimate goal isn’t to have our clients have to follow a meal plan for the rest of their life. We want them to learn the fundamentals and be able to make healthy choices all on their own.

Creating a framework or maintenance plan works really well for this. For example, when I launched the 6-Week Little Black Dress Project, I created something called “The LBD Freedom Plan” and I gave it to each client who completed the program.

All this was, was a mini-manual filled with the same recipes from the program (plus a few new ones!), and a blank meal chart along with a few guidelines – the same ones they learned in the program itself.

This allowed them to create their OWN meal plan for the week, and empowered them to think ahead and create their week with intention. Then, we would give them feedback on their plans and check their food journals once a week to make sure they were staying on track.

Simple as that!

#3. Leverage the BINGO Board! I know I come back to this strategy often – but that’s because it WORKS and clients love it.

If you missed the training I did with the amazing Ruston Webb, you’ll definitely want to check it out, because he walks you through step-by-step how to run it … AND you can even snag a free bingo board template for your business.

Click HERE to watch the free training and get your template <<

This will give your clients a brand new focus (in a super-fun way) and keep them engaged and on-track with their goals.

By leveraging any of these three strategies, you’ll not only help your clients build on the results they just achieved during your challenge or front-end offer …

But your clients will be well on their way to creating life-long change – which is why we’re all doing this in the first place!

(Not to mention your retention rate will skyrocket because you’ll have so many results-getting, happy clients!)

Just something to think about if you’re running any transformation programs, challenges, or other front-end offers in your business! 🙂

Make it an AMAZING rest of your day,


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