3 Generic Fitness Phrases To STOP Using

Do you have a coaching program you KNOW changes people’s lives — but you’re not getting any sales from your emails or social media content?

I see this all the time…

And more often than not, the coach’s program IS amazing…

But their content makes it sound like every other health or fitness program.

The problem is that soooo many health and fitness coaches use the SAME few generic phrases in their content.

These phrases aren’t specific enough…

Everyone uses them…

And they mean NOTHING to your ideal client.

These generic phrases are:

❌ “Achieve your goals”

What goals? How quickly? Why is this different? (Do you see how this is too generic?) Everyone has different goals, so speaking in such broad terms makes it fall flat.

✅ Instead, focus on very specific goals your audience cares about. For example, “Balance your hormones in 60 days with our proven, 4-step meal plan” would stand out to the right audience.

❌ “Get a personalized/custom plan”

This one is tricky! It sounds specific, but it’s not. Lots of health and fitness professionals offer “personalized” programs, so the phrase itself doesn’t set you apart.

✅ Instead, highlight what makes your personalization UNIQUE. For example, “Experience a fitness plan tailored to your body type, fitness level, and personal preferences, with 24/7 support from our expert coaches.”

❌ “Transform your health/fitness”

If you’re offering a coaching program, transformation is a given! Your ideal client wants to know EXACTLY what that transformation will look like.

✅ Instead of saying, describe what that transformation means in the context of your program. For example, “Increase your strength and stamina in just 12 weeks with our tailored strength training program.”

From here, take a look at your content and see if any of these phrases pop up…

If they do, use the examples above for inspiration to make them more specific.

It may not seem like a big deal, but these little details all add up to help you stand out!

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Make it an amazing day,


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