5 Tips To Get Unstuck (save these!)

June is just getting started, which means you have a brand new opportunity to move your business forward… But what if you’re feeling stuck? Whether you’re unsure of what you need to do next to scale… … or if you need to make a hard decision about a team member, a client, an offer … … Read more

Are You Sitting On Acres Of Diamonds?

Have you heard this story before? The “acres of diamonds” story? In a nutshell, it’s about a wealthy Persian farmer named Ali. And his farm was pretty successful. But one day, he started hearing stories of other African settlers making millions by finding diamond mines across the continent. You can guess what happened next… Of … Read more

10x Gold

Let’s talk about 10x, baby! This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Grant Cardone’s 10x event in Miami. I go to conferences and events all of the time, and I have to say I was IMPRESSED. The quality of the speakers was unbelievable, and I came back FIRED UP. I spent a lot … Read more

3 Ninja Client-Boosting Strategies for Summer

Summer is in full swing. We’re in the thick of it now. Clients want to take some time off for summer… and along with that comes the dreaded “I’ll be back in September…I promise!” I’ve been there — and it can be sooooo frustrating! So, today I’m kicking off Part 1 of my “Summer Client Motivation” Series … Read more