[FREEBIE INSIDE] 12 Days Of Fitmas Canva Template!

Remember how hard it was to focus in school right before the holiday break?

That’s how most clients feel this time of year, too!

But don’t worry…

If you’re looking for a FUN way to keep your group engaged as we inch closer to that glorious “off week” between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I have the PERFECT holiday-themed workout you can use to keep your clients on track!

It’s called the 12 Days of Fitmas Workout, and it’s a fun, quick, effective workout your group will love.

All the work is already done for you, just swipe and deploy inside your group!

We created this for our amazing Content Club members, but I wanted to share it with everyone since this is such a hit every year.

Grab your FREE 12 Days of Fitmas Swipe here:

>>> 12 Days of Fitmas Challenge Canva Template <<<

Some sweet tips to get the most out of this challenge?

  • Offer prizes – have everyone post a selfie during or after their workout. Randomly choose 1-3 people to win a prize!
  • Have them tag you/your business page in any pics they post outside of your FB group. (You can even roll this requirement into your prizes if you want.)
  • Create a hashtag to go along with the challenge. Tip: it’s more effective if it corresponds with your business name vs. a generic challenge name.
  • Do it yourself! Post pictures of YOU doing the workout!

And finally, keep this challenge exclusive to your Facebook group.

If you have a free group you want people to join, you can post about the workout over on your public social media profiles to get more people inside — just don’t give away the whole thing on your Facebook fan page or Instagram account 😉

I hope this takes one more thing off your plate this holiday season and that your clients love it as much as we do!

Make it an amazing day,


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