Your 2019 Ninja November Marketing & Promo Checklist

This particular post is one of the most read posts I share every year… so make sure you’ve got your pen and paper handy.

I LOVE checklists.

Since the holidays can be a whirlwind, I wanted to put together an updated checklist for helping you organize your 2019 November Marketing & Promotions Schedule.

This list will help keep you focused as you work on both the front and back end of your business.

The items on this month’s list are hand-picked to keep your clients motivated and engaged …

AND help you tackle the behind-the-scenes actions needed to drive your business forward.

It’s so important to have regular systems in place … and a plan for keeping them updated.

Be sure to keep a running file of what you did this year – and what worked and what needs tweaking – so you will be that much further ahead of the game next November.

Not every item on this checklist will apply to you or your business.

Focus on the tasks that apply to you right now, or use this as a jumping-off point to create your own list.

The most important thing is that you have a prioritized plan of action. Just make sure you carve out the time to make it happen.

***Remember: The universe doesn’t magically hand over extra time on a silver platter. You have to MAKE and prioritize that time.



  • Block out your calendar with family and personal time FIRST.
  • Then set your schedule for your working hours.
  • Over the holidays, I recommend having a HARD STOP at the end of the day (and in general- but it’s even more important this time of year). Get up earlier if you have to, but I’d recommend finishing work at a specific, predetermined time each day. (this means no email, and no social, too!)
  • Make sure to include at least ONE hour a day to work ON your business. Make it a priority.
  • Finish up as much of your holiday gift shopping as possible in November.


  • Are you running one? If you are…
  • Make sure you’ve gotten your start and end dates set.
  • Create your theme (ex: Holiday Slimdown, Hot for the Holidays, 30-Day Fitmas Challenge, Holiday Hustle, Maintain Don’t Gain, etc.)
  • Client Fulfillment – make sure you have all your ducks in a row to over-deliver to your clients and prospects! If you need challenges, I have a bunch to choose from here.
  • Dial-in your marketing strategy and create your marketing content (marketing emails, FB ads, landing pages, opt-ins, referral campaign, or whatever else makes sense for your offer) Side note: Ideally you’ll give yourself at LEAST 2.5 weeks to market your promo.
  • Don’t forget your upsell! (supplements, service upgrades, more 1-1 attention, etc.)
  • Make sure you have a plan in place to convert your NEW challengers into members.


  • Make sure your offers are “NO-BRAINER’S.”
  • You don’t HAVE to discount, you can ADD VALUE! If you do want to discount, make sure it’s limited to a certain # of people… especially if they are paid in fulls.
  • Always have urgency and scarcity built into your offer – add a time limit or limit the number of available spots.
  • Have separate internal (current clients) and external (warm & cold traffic) offers.
  • For COLD Traffic, FEO’s (front end offers) work great. Create special pricing for them (example, slash 25%-50% off your “21-Day Hot for the Holidays” Challenge)
  • For Current Clients: Membership renewals, service upgrades, and pay-in-full specials work really well!
  • For ALL kinds of traffic: Discounted merchandise and supplements are great.
  • Consider Bundling Your Offers: Create offers that ADD VALUE to your services – i.e., include in a transformation challenge with a membership (new or renewal), supplement pack, workshop series, PT sessions, special gifts, etc. (Add things that don’t cost you a lot of money, but have a high perceived value.)
  • Dial-in your Black Friday Marketing Schedule (create your graphics, ads (if applicable), marketing emails, etc).
  • More Marketing: Make sure you have a plan to promote during classes, via email or in a live video in your Facebook group.
  • Get your team on board and make sure they are filled in on all of the details!


  • Run list building campaigns so you can blow it out of the water in January with your New Year promotions! Focus on growing your email list and social following to build that know-love-trust with your audience, so when they are ready to invest in their goals… it’s with YOU!
  • Create a high-value eBook or giveaway that will attract your ideal clients to help build your audience. If you want a great DFY campaign for the holidays, I’ve got you covered, and have everything you need here.


  • Every month, you should be running your client reactivation campaign, and holiday time is no different! Consider adding some holiday flair to the offer to get former clients back in through the door. (I recently created a series on my blog about this over here)


  • Create your content marketing plan (if you haven’t already) for November.
  • Block off time to create your content for your email list and social media platforms.
  • Get it scheduled so you don’t have to worry about it daily.
  • Ideas: Share healthy recipes, time-saving tips, and strategies on how to prioritize their goals during one of the busiest times of the year.
  • More Ideas: Share client success and case studies stories for inspiration
  • (If you want a month’s worth of emails and social media content that you can customize that was specifically written for the month of November this year, CLICK HERE.)


  • Run a local 5K Turkey Trot as a team.
  • Hold a special Thanksgiving workout to benefit a local charity (consider promoting an FEO and donating a % of that money to that charity).
  • Send handwritten appreciation cards to members and past clients.
  • Send handwritten appreciation notes to other local businesses, strategic partners, and anyone else you network with.
  • Make sure all of your client gifts (if applicable) are ordered.


  • Make sure you post your holiday schedule the first week of November
  • Make sure you take care of your team and plan for any special team dinners, socials, gifts, and/or bonuses.
  • Schedule your auto-responders for times you’ll be out of the office and not checking emails
  • Plan out your schedule, events, etc. for December (I’ll have a new December checklist coming your way next soon!)
  • Consider putting specials offers together for DECEMBER, to sell 2020 memberships. Why wait until January?! Start converting in December!


I’d definitely consider adding in an accountability element to your program for December to keep attendance high and people on track with their goals.

Something like a “Santa’s Dozen” where everyone has to attend class 12 times during December.

  1. You can have a poster board (on the wall at your studio) with client names on it down the left, and December dates across the top.
  2. Then you can give out holiday stickers to put next to their name when they attend a class.
  3. Once they hit 12 classes in December, they get a free tee-shirt (or whatever you want to use as a prize!)

Anyway, I hope this checklist helps you to stay organized and gives you a few ideas for November!

Remember, only tackle the items that are relevant to your business. You can add/delete tasks as your business grows.

And as always, do as much as you can AHEAD of time to reduce stress and give clients the best experience possible. If you have a team, delegate!

Here’s to a successful November!


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