[SWIPE] No-Candy Halloween Challenge To Share With Your Tribe…

Your clients are being tempted. Heck, you might even be tempted.

I’m talking about the aisles of Halloween candy being featured in your grocery store. When I went shopping the other day I was floored by the amount. It’s everywhere!

And it’s scary! We all know the dangers of eating added sugar – there’s really nothing good about it. It’s packed with empty calories and it causes blood sugar swings, mood swings, inflammation, cavities, fatigue, and so much more.

I saw a stat from the National Retail Federation that showed in the U.S., people spent $2.6 BILLION on candy last year.

That is a LOT of candy … and your clients need your help to stay away from it.

That’s why I have put together a “No-Candy Mini-Challenge” you can swipe to use on social media to help keep them on-track over Halloween!

(This is EXACTLY the kind of challenge that’s part of my Done-For-You Facebook Group content…)

Just copy and post this it in your Facebook Group… and be sure to follow up with motivation and support!

There you have it!

Since Infusionsoft doesn’t support emojis, I wanted to show you what it looks like. If you want to swipe the text, I created this quick Google doc to make it easy.

Here’s the Swipe Copy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nLe1MOE5g_BFM28_TwZ9Nb6zqeDYiXRvHZ6s564Y2_Y/edit?usp=sharing

Here are some tips to get even more traction from your challenge:

  1. Follow up with engaging questions – ask your group members about their best tips for avoiding candy … what time they start/stop giving out candy on Halloween … how many trick-or-treaters they get, etc.
  2. Post one of your fave sugar-free, healthy recipes.
  3. Ask them their biggest Halloween candy/struggles.
  4. Offer tips on how to cope if they DO fall off the no-sugar wagon.

It’s all about creating engagement with actionable info they can use in their daily life.

This is the kind of info that can boost retention and build the “know-love-trust” factor.

I hope this challenge helps your clients meet their goals this Halloween!

Make it an amazing day,

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