14 OutSTANDING Client Gift Ideas For The Holidays!

Can you believe it’s November?

We’ll be ringing in 2020 before you know it!

The holidays are such a great time to show your appreciation for your clients and members…

And if you haven’t ordered your client gifts yet, NOW is the time to get it done.

Below is my updated Client Gift-Giving List for 2019, and I think you’re going to love it.

There are gifts in all price ranges, so you’re sure to find something that’ll work!

I also recommend sending a handwritten (remember it doesn’t have to be YOU that writes it!) card in the mail with their gift.

If you see your clients in person, you can absolutely pass them out, however, if it’s in the budget to send them in the mail, it’s always a nice touch.

Remember: You do NOT have to break the bank to do this. Thoughtful, personal gifts can have far more meaning than impersonal expensive ones.

14 Client Gift Ideas for the Holidays

1. Gratitude cards / mindfulness card pack (google it- you’ll find some GREAT ideas)

2. Fitspiration Journal (www.getfitbook.com) these are fab! (the 5-Minute Journal is also always a winner. And if you live in Australia / UK, these are also fun: https://dailygreatness.co)

3. Swag (of course!) Branded T-shirt, sweatshirt, water bottles, coffee mugs, reusable grocery bags, etc.

4. Branded Recipe cards / book filled with your fave recipes. BONUS: feature client success stories on some of the pages! (local printing shop can do this) This could be an AMAZING new client onboarding gift also, once it’s done.

5. A favorite book that will have meaning for them (with a personal note inside the cover)

6. Yoga mat (branded if possible!)

7. Healthy treats homemade by YOU – granola, healthier cookies, etc.

8. Budget-Friendly: Create a shared playlist of music you use during your sessions and share it with your members!

9. Self-Care: essential oils, Epsom salts, organic soaps, cozy towel, dry skin brush, etc.

10. Fitness Toys: Massage Gun (LifePro if you live in the US), foam roller, massage ball, jump rope, etc!

11. Organic loose-leaf teas in exotic flavors

12. Mantra Band bracelets (www.mantraband.com)

13. Anything from this store is pretty amazing: www.live-inspired.com (super cute books for your client’s kids as well)

14. This one is random, but I bought these journals for ALL of the kids (there’s a lot of them!) in my extended family last year. Could be great for your clients who have children (if you wanted to pick up something for their kids) They were a HUGE hit: https://biglifejournal.com

The list could go on and on!

Make sure you spice up your gifts with ribbons or gift wrapping. And don’t forget to attach your handwritten note!

I hope this list helps to spark a few ideas for you!

I recommend ordering your gifts within the next week or two, so you can check this off your list and avoid that last-minute stress.

Make it an amazing day,

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