Why Your Engagement Is Low

Think about the last time you bought something from an ad, an email, or a social media post…

It felt like it was speaking directly to YOU, right?

That’s because effective content is created with ONE person in mind.

The fact is, when you try to speak to everyone, you end up connecting with no one.

That’s why if you want to create the kind of standout content that makes your ideal clients stop their scroll, follow you, or hit the “buy now” button…

You need to pick an ideal client avatar and stick to it.

For example, instead of talking to “busy moms”, you could create an avatar named “Sarah” who’s a working mom of two toddlers, struggling to find time for herself and her fitness goals.

She’s overwhelmed, always on the go, and feels guilty about not prioritizing her health.

You also know she mostly shops at Target, loves her Starbucks, and watches reality TV to unwind.

You could go even further and think about where she works, what she reads, what kind of education she has, and how she makes buying decisions!

Now that you’ve gotten super specific, you can tailor your content to address Sarah’s pain points, desires, and everyday life.

For instance, you can create posts that talk about quick workouts she can do during her kids’ nap time while she’s watching her reality TV, healthy Starbucks swaps, or mindfulness tips for managing stress.

Suddenly, your content becomes relatable and valuable not just to “Sarah” — but to the MANY women who are just like her.

If you need help creating your ideal client avatar, we have a training inside of Content Club that walks you through the process and even gives you a template to fill out!

Having this template handy is especially helpful if you have other people helping you with your content so they understand how to stay on brand and connect with your ideal clients, too.

Bottom line? If your engagement is low, revisit your avatar and get a LOT more familiar with them. Being more specific can make a HUGE difference!

Make it an amazing day,


P.S. These are the kinds of discussions we have on our live monthly coaching calls inside of Content Club, too. If you’re not sure why someone should buy from you, or if you’re having a hard time even nailing down your ideal client, we can talk it out. Join Content Club now to join us for our LIVE monthly coaching calls with other health and fitness coaches, and to access high-converting, done-for-you content and marketing templates to grow your business!

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