Why You NEED A Warm Audience

FACT: it’s easier to sell to people who know you than people who don’t!

That’s why building a WARM audience who knows, loves, and trusts you is one of the BEST ways to use your time and marketing resources as a business owner.

Even if you’re not selling a product, service, or package that you consider “premium” … a warm audience is more likely to:

  • Buy from you the first time you ask
  • Give you testimonials
  • Share your offer with people they know
  • Invest in higher-ticket offers

And when it comes down to spending money on paid ads ….

You’ll likely spend a LOT LESS for conversion to a warm audience than you will to a cold audience.

If you’re wondering where this “warm audience” lives, they’re usually the people on your email list, your free online community (like a Facebook™ group), and your most engaged social media followers.

Keep in mind, though — growing a warm audience DOES take time, patience, and a strategy.

And, that’s EXACTLY what I’ll be talking about all month long so you can start the 2023 New Year rush with a plan and with MOMENTUM!

Make it a productive day,


P.S. In my next post, I’m going to get into whether or not Facebook™ groups are “dead” — and the answer might inspire you to do things a little differently this holiday season.

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