You Need To Hear This Before The Holidays

There’s a lot of pressure to “finish the year strong” right now.

And while this is an AMAZING time to set yourself up for a successful 2023…

You can’t pour from an empty cup!

So right now, if you feel like you’re drowning in tasks, sacrificing self-care, and wondering how it’s all going to get done…

Ask for help.

If you have a team, delegate.

And if you don’t have a team or you don’t know what to delegate?

I have a handy list of 101 tasks to delegate right now!

The fact is, your business does better when YOU feel better.

So instead of racking your tired brain for the best way to sell more spots in your group coaching program…

Or spending hours upon hours creating content when all you want to do is take a break…

Give yourself a little space to rest and clear your head (aka take an ENTIRE day or two completely off) so you can continue to show up with ENERGY and lead the way you’re meant to lead.

I promise you’ll come up with better solutions and see more opportunities when you come back refreshed!

Self-care is part of the process, and it’s okay to delegate tasks that drain you so YOU can enjoy your holiday season, too.

Make today amazing,

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