The Epic Power Of TIMING

When it comes to putting the right message in front of your audience, it’s not always HOW you say it, but WHEN you say it.

Picture this…

You’re at a party and a complete stranger approaches you, drops down on one knee, and asks you to marry them before you even exchange names.

Sounds ridiculous, right? (unless your JLo in Marry Me)

But now, what if it’s someone you’ve been dating for a while who you already know, love, and trust?

Not so ridiculous anymore.

In other words, the SAME message with BETTER timing creates a DIFFERENT result!

That’s why understanding each stage of the sales funnel — meaning “top of funnel”, “middle of funnel”, and “bottom of funnel” — is crucial to your success.

Each stage requires a slightly different approach, just like how you would interact with someone in the early stages of a relationship.

Here’s what I mean:


At the top of your funnel, potential customers don’t know you or what you do. All you need to do here is capture their attention. Think of it like introducing yourself to a stranger at a party!


Once those new people decide they like you and want to stick around for a longer conversation, you can give them more details about what you do and how you can help. They’re not ready for the sale yet, but they’re listening.


At this stage, people are ready to make a decision. This is where you need to make it easy for them to say yes and close the sale. Think of it like popping the question — but only after a strong connection.

Not sure what this looks like in practice?

Don’t worry.

I’ll be diving into each stage of awareness over the next week or so to show you exactly what to say, when to say it, and even WHERE to say it in your marketing 🤩

Make it an amazing day,


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