Do This 80% Of The Time For More Sales

There are two ways to compromise your email list:

Selling too much — and —

Not selling enough.

Believe it or not, people DO want to buy from you…

But they especially want to buy from you if you spend about 80% of the time sending them valuable emails they love to open.

What kinds of emails are valuable to your audience?

Your audience loves to read emails that:

  • Address a limiting belief
  • Help them get a quick win
  • Give them a helpful, free resource
  • Tell your story in an inspiring way
  • Share your favorite tools, tips, and tricks

And even emails that entertain them!

If you spend about 80% of the time sending your list emails they love to read, they’re a LOT more likely to read your sales emails that other 20% of the time, too.

And they won’t just read those sales emails…

They’ll actually BUY.

So although it might not seem like sending an email about how to make your favorite gluten-free tuna wrap is “moving the needle”…

If you send those helpful emails enough, they help build the TRUST your audience needs to go from ice-cold prospect to paying client.

A rough 80/20 schedule for the month might be 3 weeks of nurture emails each month, and a 1-week promo during the last week of the month…

Or 2 weeks of nurture, a 1-week promo, and 1 more week of nurture emails…

Or whatever makes the most sense for you.

The key is to be CONSISTENT.

Challenge yourself to stick with whatever 80/20 schedule you choose for 90 days…

You’re going to love the results 🙂

Make it an amazing day,


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