How To Repel Tire Kickers…

How do you avoid building an audience of tire-kickers and discount-seekers?

Let’s talk about it…

My email yesterday talked about how people in different stages of your sales funnel require different messages (which you can check out here).

And, I mentioned in my PS that if you’re struggling to attract people who are ready and able to work with you, it means your “top of funnel” messaging might need some work.

But first, let’s clarify:

👉 Your “top of funnel” messaging is what BRAND NEW prospects see.

These potential clients don’t know you or what you do.

They just know they have a problem they want solved.

The tricky part, though?

They don’t want you to solve their problem… yet!

(I know!!! Frustrating!!!)

At this stage, all you can do is grab their attention and try to keep it long enough to start walking them toward a solution.

And here’s where those tire kickers and discount-seekers come in…

Most business owners try to grab NEW people’s attention with messaging around low prices and discounts.

Worst case scenario, those new people don’t understand why they should buy from you yet, so you lose them completely…

Best case scenario, that messaging attracts the wrong customers who love a deal but aren’t the best fit for your higher-level programs.

Instead, you want to lead with “problem aware” messaging that:

  • Calls out your IDEAL clients
  • Meets them where they’re at
  • Shows them you understand their problem
  • Mirrors the same language THEY would use about their problem
  • Establishes trust and credibility
  • And hints towards a solution without giving them ALL the details just yet

Again, it’s just like meeting someone new! You want to make a good first impression, but you don’t want to come on too strong or send the wrong message.

Will you still get a few tire kickers and discount seekers? Sure.

But for the most part, you’ll get more serious prospects if you lead with messaging that matters to your ideal clients!

Stay tuned because in a couple of days, I’m going to GIVE you a couple of examples of exactly how to do this in your top-of-funnel ads so you can attract the right crowd. 🤩

Make it an amazing day!


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