Make Your Audience Think You’re Psychic 🔮

Can I let you in on a hot tip? 🔥

Copywriting legend Eugene Schwartz once said,

“Great copy isn’t written, it’s assembled.”

Here’s what this means for YOU…

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what in the world your audience wants…

Or what to say to them to get them to convert into paying clients and customers…

You’re working too hard.

Instead, ask them.

And once you ask them?

Use their answers in everything you do — from your website copy to your sales conversations.

(I know it FEELS like cheating, but it’s actually how some of the best marketing and sales material is created!)

The simplest way to ask is with a survey.

You can pop the link in an email blast or even drop it in your Facebook group or Instagram stories.

You might have some specific questions you want to ask, which is great.

But in addition to those questions, here are a few that will give you some major marketing fuel:

For your non-buyer audience:

  • What’s your biggest struggle with [goal they want to achieve]?
  • What’s your #1 hesitation when it comes to getting help with [goal they want to achieve]?
  • What solutions are you considering and why?
  • What would [achieving the goal they want to achieve] mean to you?

For your current clients and customers:

  • What were you struggling with before [program name]?
  • If someone were on the fence about [program name], what would you tell them?
  • Is there anything you DIDN’T find helpful about [program name]?
  • Before you started working with me/us, what other solutions were you considering?
  • What was the deciding moment when you knew [program name] was right for you?

To make sure you get some answers back:

  1. Offer an easy incentive like a free resource they can’t get anywhere else… or enter them into a raffle to win something exciting
  2. Always have a deadline on your surveys (if it’s time-sensitive)
  3. Don’t forget to send follow-ups to remind people to fill it out!
  4. Consider making it evergreen to get rolling feedback (ex: in your new client onboarding email sequence or lead magnet auto-responder sequence.)

And if you don’t have an established audience to survey yet?

We’ll cover that in the next post 🎯

We’ll also go over how to use the feedback you get from your audience in your marketing and sales so you can boost your conversion rates AND engagement.

Until next time!

Make it an amazing day,


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