Never Guess What To Post Again

You know how when you first start dating someone, you pay extra close attention to clues about what they like and don’t like?

Building a relationship with your audience is a lot like that.

Last week we established that the easiest way to know what your audience wants is to ask them with a survey.

And I even gave you a bunch of survey questions.

But surveys don’t ALWAYS give you the big picture or cover everything you need to know about helping your audience.

There are still PLENTY of other ways to get inside their head.

No matter how big, small, engaged, or unengaged your audience is right now, they’re leaving clues about what they want aaaalllll over the place.

Clues like:

  • What social posts they engage with (and don’t engage with)
  • Which email subject lines get the most opens
  • What kind of call-to-actions get the most click-throughs
  • Which Facebook & Instagram ads are doing best
  • Most visited blog posts or most watched videos

And they can also be found easily in:

  • Casual conversations you have in person or in DMs with prospects
  • Current client testimonials
  • Successful AND unsuccessful sales conversations

Once you start to review those touchpoints on a regular basis (quarterly is great, monthly is best), you’ll start to notice patterns.

For example, if you’re a wellness coach, you might notice more of your list opens emails with subject lines about “fatigue” but fewer people open emails about “weight loss.”

Or, maybe you get more engagement on your social posts when you talk about your own transformation story versus “how to” content.

Those are clues!

Even if you have a bigger, engaged audience who responds to surveys, it’s always important to tune in to what your audience is resonating with (or not)…

and then leverage that data.

Next up? We’ll talk about ways to USE (and leverage) all this data in your marketing so your audience has no choice but to say YES to what you’re offering.

This will take your content game to a whole new level.

Until next time!

Make it an amazing day,


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